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Written by Kevis Hughes

The locations where majority of the VIP’s stay in the BVI is almost like footage from that TV series “Lifestyle of the rich and famous” back in the day. Sometimes you’re prepared for when VIP’s arrive here in the territory but then again you really aren’t as you always have to make sure everything runs smoothly from the time they land to the time that they leave. Some of the resorts/ locations that the very posh like to frequent are: Necker Island (Sir Richard Branson’s paradise) 100 Pond Villa, Biras Creek Resort, Villa Aquamare, Rose Wood Little Dix Bay Resort are just a few.

If it’s one thing I could say about the VIP clients they all love to eat while they are here and oh boy do they enjoy eating out, you would bump into them at some of the most exclusive places there are; The Dove, Saba Rock’s restaurant, Brandywine Bay restaurant, Coco Maya restaurant, Sugar Mill restaurant and they even invite private chefs to put on a spread for them. The VIP does everything and anything while visiting the BVI, they’re either out on a boat island hopping, scuba diving, jet skiing, kite boarding, paddle boarding they’re out there doing it all they are here to have fun and make the best of their time while they’re here.

Most of the time a VIP would sneak in and out of the BVI undetected and believe me they’ve gotten it done(with my help of course) you rarely would bump into them but who knows you just might. The top models love coming here, they oh so wealthy have a blast while they’re here and even royalty as well and I don’t mean god save our queen let’s say this Queen could be a fan of Jordan. The VIP clients absolutely love the BVI and when I say love I mean LOVE the BVI and would make their way back as many times as they would if their schedules permit but they’re mostly in love with the scenery, the people, the relaxed feeling that comes over them once they set foot on ground.

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