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By Shakirah Bourne 

It is a time when people manage banking transactions online, friends meet each other on Twitter, and companies manage promotions and customer service on Facebook. Entrepreneur, Marketing Guru and Social Media Hero, Corey Graham, has capitalised on these modern advancements through his company, Drenalin Productions. 

Drenalin Productions aims to develop businesses by building an online sales channel that provides easy global access to key stakeholders such as customers, associates and employees, through internet and technology. Their services include social media marketing, web development and promotions, digital content management and more. They help you to choose and implement various tools for a virtual office environment which could impact on the short and long term success of a business. These tools assist with project management, accounting, collaboration, internal communication and customer management.

It is a rather unconventional job for someone who lives in the Caribbean, but Corey has always been a risk taker, seeking creative ways to make money. Drenalin was first launched ten years ago with the aim to commercialise student projects on the UWI St Augustine Campus.  According to Graham, “my company was originally created to provide the energy needed to turn Caribbean ideas and projects into real businesses that have an impact on the world.”

This experience delivered a first-hand understanding of the challenges of being an entrepreneur but more importantly, the world of entertainment uncovered his love for people and a natural ability for marketing.  During this time, he also worked with some associates to develop a website, which was one of the first entertainment websites in the Caribbean.

Corey discovered the world of social media as it was just evolving and being completely fascinated by it, he jumped right in. He later branded himself Corey Graham 2.0 and has become a thought leader on social media in the Caribbean. Now he can be seen on panel discussions in local and regional technology conferences, and conducting training sessions to high profile businesses and at government seminars.

Some of his daily activities include exercise, meditating, writing strategy, engaging with clients, putting out fires, or some form of content development. However, there is no such thing as a typical day for Corey.  For instance, he just completed the Start-up Weekend Trinidad. “I spent the last six months exploring business development techniques associated with start-ups and it really transformed my business. Having the opportunity to implement what I have learnt on a new idea and shape it into a business helped me not only to understand how far I have come, but to also learn more about the process of business development. I believe that this is a core weakness in the Caribbean and it is something that I will be incorporating in all of my projects.” 

Choosing an unconventional career does come with various challenges. Corey states that the main challenge is having faith and trust in himself and the universe to make the business successful. It is constant job tackling issues such as lack of sales, lack of understanding of how to commercialise certain projects, understanding how to work in teams and develop strategic partnerships. However, he has been a full time entrepreneur since 2009, and he will continue to work hard to see Drenalin Promotions grow to the point where it is changing the fortunes of SME's around the Caribbean, enabling them to turn around their economies.

His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? Step up to the moment and get on with it! “A business is like a child and needs a certain amount of attention. Do not make the mistake I made for so long and be an absentee parent.”

Corey’s journey is testimony to the success of a person who aimed to be a leader, rather than a follower; an individual, rather than an imitator. His willingness to pursue and actualize an idea started from a very early age and has continued throughout his life. Today, as an entrepreneur he is driven by his truly pioneering and innovative spirit.

For more information about Corey and his company, Drenalin Solutions, go to:  and

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