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POSH: Most people know you as Empress Jeanille from Tempo. You've since moved on - what have you been up to? Tell me about your production work and I believe you have been doing some modeling as well...

JB: Since my Tempo stint I’ve been working very hard producing and hosting programming at BET Networks including: the spoken word series Word Sound Power; a documentary series When the Walls Talk; the live acoustic series Soundcheck; the Top 20 Greatest Moments in Reggae and the concert series Island Specials. My amazing journey then led me to host and produce radio programming at Link Up Media and One Caribbean Radio in New York. I’m currently a spokes model for Color Heritage Apparel in New York and Afrodesiac Worldwide in Ghana. I'm currently working on a few new projects through my independent production company. I’ve been extremely blessed as I’m now able to work with various media outlets in the US and Caribbean. My current TV project Showcase One is in development with a major network, I can’t disclose the details of the broadcast premiere yet but our production can be viewed online at www.showcaseone.com. Feel free to check in with me online at www.JeanilleBonterre.com where I also blog about my latest travels and works.

POSH: You’re always very fashionable -'POSH' I'd say. Who dresses you? and what’s your secret to beautiful hair and skin?

JB: Thank you, coming from POSH magazine that’s truly a great compliment. As far as my fashion and personal style I like to wear clothes that make me feel connected to my culture and roots, I wear Color Heritage Apparel of course and I’m also styled by Chiedza Makonnen of Afrodesiac Worldwide, Flavia La Sonji from BET Networks and Gigi Maat from Barbados. As far as my hair and skin I like to maintain my locs myself as my hair is an extension of my Spiritual energy and personal beliefs so I make sure whatever products I use contain natural ingredients like Olive Oil, Jojoba and Tea Tree Oil. I feel the same way about my skin so I always make sure to use products that contain Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter. Ultimately what you eat and your lifestyle also have a great impact on healthy hair and skin so eating healthy definitely pays off for me in the beauty area.

POSH: With Valentine's Day this coming Monday - do you have any special plans?

JB: I’m currently working on location in Los Angeles so this year’s Valentines Day I’ll be working... and playing.

POSH: Describe the most romantic Valentine’s Day you have ever had.

JB: Honestly I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, I always thought it was too commercial. When you love someone, everyday is a perfect day to show appreciation for that love. I’m very blessed to have true love in my life right now and we’re always finding special ways to express it, so that has been the most romantic experience for me so far.

POSH: Being a celebrity is it hard for you to find a good partner?

JB: I would have to say it is hard but not impossible. Having a successful relationship takes quality time, understanding and trust (whether you are a celebrity or not) so once you focus on those areas the balance between the work and the love life will be always be there.

POSH: What's your favorite love song?

JB: I love music! So I have many favorite love songs but one of my all time favorites is “Your Love is King” by Sade, she’s so timeless.

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