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KTB: My name is Karen Taylor Bass from Kingston Jamaica and I came to the United states when I was six years old and I’ve been here since then but I go home at least once a year

P: How did you get your start in media?

KTB: I started out in public relations over 10 years ago, and I did PR for corporations, entertainment, and sports that was my niche specialty.  I was part of the Patra Mad Cobra Shabba ranks movement during the dance hall craze.   

 P: It seems you had a lot of success working with Patra , would you agree?


KTB: We were able to get Patra in vogue and a lot of high fashion magazines and it kind of changed the way reggae was seen. .  I was able to get Patra on In Living color  during the height of its fame and success, and that opened the door for her to do a lot of other late night shows 

P: So what was the most challenging area of the media in those days ?

KTB: I think the most challenging thing for a lot of reggae artists back then was television. It’s one thing to see us in a magazine or hear us on the radio but to have the visual live, Shabba had a lot of resistance with that.

P: It wasn’t all reggae and dance hall though, who were some of the other artists you worked with?

KTB; I worked with; D’Angelo , Digable Planets, Gangstarr,  Arrested Development , and Massive Attack as well.

P: Tell me about the work you’re involved with now .

KTB: I came up with this concept called the brand new mommy. and it’s a play of the word brand which is a consistent authentic experience. The brandnewmommy.com come is my new baby, it’s three months old and I’ve merged my entertainment  friends  who are moms to give it a more national kind of  face.

P: Really what role do they play?

KTB: My  clients and friends like Jill Scott, a mom I’m able to ask them would you write for my blog. Whoever the moms are, they all have the same fabric the same stories, they feel overwhelmed, even if the have support . 

 P: What have you learned since you started the blog?

KTB: I’m really surprised at the amount of successful moms that are living in  world of privacy , a lot of moms are battling depression, some of the moms are medicated, I really never knew that .

 P: How has being a woman of Caribbean decent shaped you personally and professionally

KTB: It’s shaped me a lot , we’re forged with a bond of being Caribbean we’re very proud people . We know that out of one is many different types of people. Being  Jamaican has helped me have  fortitude, I see my grand parents, parents, aunts and uncles,  and what they’ve accomplished. I know there is nothing that I cant do because I come from royalty.

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