Redefining Culture: Sophia Domeville

By :- Janette Brin

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By Andrena Sawyer

When defining success, some find that obtaining possessions or wealth is far less fulfilling than the gratification of spiritual gain. For Sophia Domeville, success is not just about money, cars, and fame, but also about the ability to redefine culture for youth and women. She measures success according to her own standards, and has ambitions of becoming an innovative and international leader within arts education. In high school, at the suggestion of her favorite teacher, Sophia switched concentrations in order to pursue her interest in the arts. Today, she is an entrepreneur, sister and activist; each role is uniquely demanding; yet they are collectively rewarding. A Studio Arts graduate of The College of New Rochelle, Sophia is a Haitian American artist with a knack for the arts and a passion for youth.

By age 5, Sophia knew that she wanted to be an artist. Since then, she has gained recognition for local and international contribution in youth development, art and education. The culmination of her efforts is best reflected in Ms. Phia Presents, a New York-based special event-planning boutique. As CEO and Founder of the company, Sophia provides art-based socials; live painting showcases and nonprofit events that promote the development of artists. Her programs, which include the event “Cocktails & Canvasses”, seek to bring together young professionals, art enthusiasts, and up and coming artists to create an interactive networking environment that also promotes philanthropy. When she is not planning or promoting events, she is active with herDIVASpot, a nonprofit for young girls. As a founding member and current mentor, the organization is very close to her heart because of its emphasis on cultivating socially minded, financially literate, and spiritually grounded young women through self-development activities. 

While her pursuits and goals keep her busy, her commitment to giving back to her community keeps her motivated and grounded. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed. In July 2012, she was nominated for the prestigious Black Street Award for the arts category as an artist that has made tremendous impact within the Haitian American community. She has also been spotlighted on PIX11 Morning News, Newspitter Blog site, and Amour Creole Magazine for her inspiration and passion for the arts. She recently returned from a trip to Haiti that was sponsored as a Teaching Artist for Art Day Celebration. During her trip, she taught 150 Haitian children from three different orphanages on the power of art. Her work was so well received that she will continue working with the organization on redeveloping the artwork shop in Haiti.

With the exception of the likes of women like Michelle Obama, Madonna, and Sophia's own role model, Oprah Winfrey, few women have succeeded in their effort to redefine culture. However, at age 29, Sophia Domeville may already be well be on her way to being on that list. As an artist, Sophia has done live painting shows with numerous nonprofit organizations like Sounds of Brazil, Liberty Theater, Caribbean Heritage Arts Preservation Society and more. Her work can currently be viewed at La Caye Premiere Haitian Restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. Her company's motto, “Think Outside of the Box,” not only speaks of her business mantra, but her personal beliefs as a leader, planner, and artist who seeks to breathe fresh air into every project. More information about Sophia can be found at

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