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By :- Janette Brin

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By Nadia Ali


The idea of waking up in the early morning just before dawn to head out to a party may be something very few of us have actually experienced, after all most party-goers usually tumble into bed as the sun rises.

This is the latest craze associated with Trinidad carnival. It’s known as Breakfast Fetes and it’s a new trend that is a prominent part of carnival 2013 and growing in popularity every year.

Just imagine, waking up before dawn to do your make-up, hair, choose an outfit, grab your shades and head out the door to welcome the sunrise! The breakfast fetes are well attended with patrons eating, dancing, chipping down the road to the sound of calypso DJ’s and live popular bands.

A sampling of this year’s all-inclusive early morning fete offerings are:

Sahara Carnival Breakfast Party on Maracas Beach, A.M. NAKED – Breakfast Cooler Fete, D’Original Breakfast Party, Sunny Side Up Breakfast Party, Silent Ride Trinidad Breakfast Boatride at sea, A.M. Premium Carnival Ultra-Inclusive Breakfast and Double Up Breakfast on D’Avenue.

Most of these fetes begin at 4-5am and conclude at about 10am-midday, that’s a whopping 6-hours of partying in one day before midday! Patrons are spoilt for choice with these all-inclusive early morning parties as food, drink and entertainment – inclusive of live bands is all included in the price of the ticket.

So, how much does it cost to attend one of these fetes? The prices range from US$100 for a single ticket to about US$250.00 for couples which can be bought at websites online or through members.

The food ranges from local Trinbago breakfast of saltfish and buljol with fry-bake, corn soup, doubles, tomato choka, even exotic Arabian dishes at some breakfast fetes. As for drinks expect premium spirits, wines, cocktails and of course juices and beverages - after all it is breakfast!

The venues vary from secluded areas of Trinidad’s famous Maracas Beach to the Treasure Queen leisure cruise ship to the 24/7 activity of Ariapita Avenue.

For those of you who are sceptical about whether you will be the only one to drag yourself out of bed in the early morning to party – think again. Breakfast fetes are really well attended –in fact some are sold out in advance. So get WAKE UP! And party.

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