YO SOY BORIQUA : NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade 2015

By :- R. Anthony Morrison

Lifestyle & Culture


The annual Puerto Rican Day Parade brought out a colorful display of Puerto Rican pride. The parade is one of the largest outdoor events in the U.S. The New York City Puerto Rican Day Parade  is the largest Puerto Rican cultural parade with spectators numbering as much as two million. The spectators lined the parade route along fifth avenue from 44th Street to 86th Street.The parade was a lively one, marching bands, pimped out cars and vans along with colorful floats .Almost everything on wheels had music rocking from powerful speakers. Parade marchers also danced their way down the parade route. The weather was perfect for a parade, and things moved along at a comfortable pace that allowed everyone to enjoy the festive atmosphere. We thought you might like to have a look.


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