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Ms.POSH:  Andrew Mac! How are you? …

Andrew: I'm doing well thanks... grateful to be healthy and still an active musician in these turbulent times.
Ms.POSH: I came to Jamaica last month but my time was so short I didn’t get to call you. Just had to admit that since I remember that we were suppose to hook up so long ago. Hope you forgive me?

Andrew: I has a way of flying when we're having fun... especially in beautiful Jamaica.
Ms.POSH: Assume you’re still working with Sean Paul?

Andrew: I am...we're not as busy as before because he has been doing less shows with a live band but we were in Zimbabwe last month with Akon and that was an amazing experience. We played in the Herare Football Stadium and the energy was electric especially because Bob Marley had played there at their independence in 1980... I felt like a part of history and Jamaica's proud heritage.
Ms.POSH: So ‘Sweet Cry Freedom’ released on iTunes. How does it feel to have completed and now released your own project? I imagine it must have been extra sleepless nights given the fact that you’re also on the road allot…

Andrew: It feels great... no sleepless nights but I'm certainly excited... it's a very special song to me.
Ms.POSH: What is your musical message or what you hope people get out of listening to a Andrew Mac record?

Andrew: There are many different messages in my songs but above all I feel good when I listen to them so I hope that people will share that feeling... some are about love, equality, anger, peace, respect, life... beauty is in the eye of the beholder..
Ms.POSH:  Your music is much different from what most might expect from a guy who’s also a touring musician with Sean Paul – What are your influences?

Andrew: There are many indeed... Bob Marley to Prince... rock to soul... pop to grunge... and of course I'm a guitarist so folk to classical... and most importantly a good song that tells an honest story...
Ms.POSH: Do you still have your wild hair?

Andrew: I do...until my next tantrum and I'll lose it and shave it all off... lol!!
Ms.POSH: Looking back from when you first started out in music – what would you say has changed for you musically?

Andrew: Hip hop and the internet have transformed our world musically and made it easier to integrate styles... I'm definitely more open to blending styles and colours but I do still love a beautiful song on an acoustic guitar...

Ms.POSH: What is next for you?

Andrew: I would like to get on the road and share my music with the world... I love to play live..

Ms.POSH: How can people find out more about Andrew Mac

Andrew: Myspace...andrewmacmusicpage..and hopefully more music will be released to iTunes, the near future.. and my manager Rodney Hill RHH MUSIC CORP   or twitter  @rodneyHhill


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