Artist Profile: Andre “GC” Fennell

By :- Janette Brin


Multi-faceted new artist Andre Fennell is bringing a fusion of genres from R&B, Hip Hop, Alternative and Reggae for a fresh new sound to the industry as he preps for his 2012 debut. The Portmore, Jamaica born and current Queens resident has already established himself as a well sought out entity thru various production credits. In 2007, Andre decided to pursue his dream of being a solo artist as he gained confidence in his craft and witnessed the success he helped create for other artists he collaborated with. 

The Six time Grammy Nominated song writer and producer has worked with internationally known artists such as Shaggy, Elephant Man, Wyclef, Chris Brown and Corey Hart.  These collaborations have helped him build long-standing relationships within industry circles as both Shaggy and Canadian Rock Star Corey Hart have both taken on influential roles as mentors to help him become an international star.  Corey Hart states, “Andre Fennell is a super-talented artist and is the real deal.”

Andre is currently gearing up for the release of his first single, “Lay Your Head Low”, through a joint venture of G Chyl, LLC and Lavish Records, in late summer of 2012.  Music fans can expect a refreshing radio friendly sound from the versatile artist who writes and produces all of his music.  Andre’s style is sexy music created to make the listener feel good with help from his melodic mid and up-tempo arrangements.  His untitled debut will cover a variety of topics including life experiences and love which connects the listener to the artist.  The album will also include collaboration with Shaggy and other guest appearances.  Leading up to release of his upcoming debut and coinciding with the release of his debut single, fans can also get a taste of his sound as he’s featured on Haitian/Canadian artist Marie Christine’s forthcoming Squeeze cover, Tempted which Andre Fennell also co-wrote and produced. 

“Fans will really connect to my music because they will instantly notice the creativity, melodic undertones and appreciate the fact I have my own sound,” states Andre.  “In an era where most artists put out music that sounds similar to everything currently on the radio, I’m carving out my own niche where it’s difficult to put me in a box on what type of artist I am because the diverse music will appeal to those who like Pop, Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae.  It’s also important for the artists to connect with their listener and I think I do a great job of creating music that reflect everyday experiences of which they can respect.”

For more information on Andre Fennell, visit  or follow him on Twitter @AndreFennell 

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