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Ms. POSH:The last time we spoke was almost 4 or 5 years ago in Brooklyn, NY. Do you remember? …

Cezar: I do remember. I think it was 4 years ago at a spot called ‘Speak Easy’. Hope I recall the name correctly . 2) So what have you been up to? I’ve continued writing, and recording, doing shows, even acting! Most importantly I’ve become a father in that time and that has changed my life and my focus tremendously.

Ms.POSH: So tell me about ‘She Said’ – what is ‘She Said’ about?

Cezar: ‘She Said’ is a song about (me) being in love with a woman who has been emotionally hurt before and the type of love she would require from me who is seeking her affection. She’s weary, afraid, tired or being hurt and apprehensive about falling for a musician, and she tells me what it is she needs from me as I (try to) reassure her. Art imitating life I guess.

Ms.POSH: Looking back from when you first started – what would you say has changed for you musically?

Cezar: My musical range is much wider, not just vocally but in terms of my ability to express myself lyrically or instrumentally. I’m a more rounded artist now I think more confident in what I can do and less worried about what I can’t. I’m more comfortable being me.

Ms. POSH: Are there any new influences?

Cezar: Yes. Jehro, Asa, Ayo, Patrice, K’Naan, Lucky Dube...

Ms.POSH:  Last time I came to Jamaica – It was apparent that Jamaica has a very big entertainment industry – so much talent – so much style and fashion. What makes Cezar different?

Cezar: It is a big industry relative to the size of the nation and definitely rich with talent. I think my brand of reggae is outside the traditional and I’ve managed to be an artist of firsts. I came into the industry singing on dancehall tracks, but playing my guitar on them. No one did that in dancehall before as far as I’m aware, and guitar became a big part of dancehall rhythms for a good while after that. I feel at least I helped to contribute some musicality and instrumentation to a synth reliant genre. I also feel I was one of the first of a new batch of soulful reggae singers who took influences from modern RnB and infused it into reggae. Then being the first Jamaican to have a song licensed and endorsed by Coke, becoming an awarded songwriter, and generally trying to do these things without any hype or fanfare. Overall I’ve striven to be different sounding, looking, thinking, acting. I continue to strive towards that. .

Ms.POSH: How can people find out more about Cezar?

iTunes, Myspace, Youtube, Facebook, Google. Or just reach out to me, I’m reasonably accessible as long as it’s not frivolous. Also my manager Rodney Hill RHH MUSIC CORP rojat69@gmail.com on twitter @rodneyHhill --

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