By :- Janette Brin


Jamaican reggae crooner Christopher Martin released his much-anticipated U.S. debut EP Steppin Razor on April 21, 2015 and was in New York City recently to support the release. The 5-song digital-only EP balances sweetness, swagger and sex appeal and showcases Chris's versatility and vocal excellence. 
Martin fires with formidable skill on each of Steppin Razor's songs. The title track, produced by Frankie Music, isn't the 1977 Peter Tosh classic (written by the late Joe Higgs, a mentor to Tosh and the legendary reggae group The Wailers) although it champions a kindred spirit of invincibility, in this case Martin's unrivaled appeal to the ladies. The track is accompanied with a video, which is directed by Kurt Wright. The upbeat "We Are The Vibes" (produced by TJ Records) and the braggadocios single "I'm A Big Deal" (produced by Troy "Troyton" Hinds) get the party started. The sultry "Secret Love (Creep)" (produced by ZJ Dymond), his passionate vocals bring a renewed urgency to this well worn and (he admits) somewhat self-centered plea. I believe you Chris - dam! "nah tell you to creep but if you going creep come creep come touch me". A vocal delivery that makes for a very temping plea. Hands down a #POSHGIRL favorite.
"Hide Away," written and produced by the legendary Clive Hunt (whose credits include Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stones, Grace Jones, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff and VP Records' Etana), is the first song Chris has recorded that he didn't write. However he makes it all his own, incomparably delivering a swell of tender emotions over an irresistible, shuffling reggae beat. "Hide Away" is also featured on the soundtrack to the romantic drama Destiny, starring Chris as an aspiring singer attempting to navigate the music industry. The Jamaican film recently debuted in the South Florida market on May 8th and is currently playing at Regal Sawgrass 23 & IMAX Theater in Sunrise (Buy tickets).
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