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Art Philip aka Drastic | Sheroma Hodge aka Brass Angel

POSH: How did you guys first meet?

Brass.Angel: A mutual friend introduced us on Twitter. We met in person for the first time at a club a couple weeks later.


POSH: How was your first date?

Brass.Angel: Our first date was fun. We went to the VI Idol finals 2009 (BV & Drastic were the first ever VI Idols in 2007 in St.Thomas).

POSH: How long have you two been together? 

Drastic: Almost 2 yrs.

POSH:  After two years of dating, how has your love evolved?

Brass.Angel: We learnt that just getting past the stumbling blocks is something easily done when you realize you love each other and so then eventually nothing else matters but making each other happy. We developed our friendship first and then love was just automatic. We got engaged on Boxing Day 2010.

POSH: What do you admire the most about each other?

Brass.Angel: Our dedication to our craft, our talents and our ability to not let our careers and aspirations get in the way of our relationship.

POSH: In another life who would you have a major crush on? [for example a Hollywood crush]

Drastic : Keri Hilson

Brass.Angel: Brian White

POSH: What are your current career aspirations?

Drastic : To continue making great music and for that great music to reach the masses. 

Brass.Angel : My aspiration is to become an Entertainment, Multimedia and Fashion Specialist.   There’s really no limit to where we want to get to or get done in life. We both enjoy what we do and just really want to share it with the rest of the world.

POSH:  As two young people living in the Caribbean – how do you keep your priorities in order?

Drastic: It’s simple. We are very goal oriented and we know the levels at which we strive to be. Prayer is a must for us for nothing possible without God. He is in control. We put our families and relationship first and then our careers fall right behind.

POSH: Why do you think most young adults don't take commitments seriously?

Drastic: I think this is because of bad experiences or what they see demonstrated to them in their homes.

Brass.Angel: Also young adults are heavily influenced by the media, and so when ideas such as promiscuity is promoted and praised, it is easy to see how these ideas are transferred to young adults.

POSH: Would you say you have been successful at managing your individual priorities?

Brass.Angel: So Far we are doing a pretty good job. We are very driven and we support each other to the fullest.

POSH:  How would you say you support each other?

Drastic: She's my best friend as well as my Fiancée.  I confide in her and trust her. I listen and try my best to compromise if needed even when I’m being stubborn.” | We both are very understanding towards each other and respect each other’s crafts, schedules and choices. We’re each other’s number one fan.

POSH:  What challenges do you currently face in achieving career goals right now?

Drastic :  The facts that myself and B.V. who I sing with (B.V. & Drastic) live in separate islands and we are unsigned artists,  thus we don't have the right amount of capital backing us to get our material out there as fast and as wide spread as we would like to.

Brass.Angel : I would love to really expand my clientele and develop my skills further. You never stop learning.  We both still have much further to go and have set very high standards for ourselves.  We can’t say we have arrived yet but we are working very hard every day to get there. There’s 24 hrs in a day and we go 26 hrs out of the 24.

POSH:  Do you think that you have helped shape each other? If so – in what ways?

Drastic: Yes. We make the most of when we are together, i.e. we know how to just have fun as a couple. We bring out the best in each other and we’re not afraid to steer each other back on the right path if one of us happens to get sidetracked. We are very involved in each other’s careers and lives in general and not just have a romantic relationship, but also a professional relationship.  For example, Sheroma works a lot with B.V. & Drastic’s image by doing their photo shoots and a number of behind the scenes videos. We share networking contacts with each other and we always keep each other in mind by promoting each other on the web, interviews, social networks or whichever opportunity presents itself.

POSH:  He is in music – you’re into photography, modeling, and make-up?

Brass.Angel: Art is a singer, songwriter and producer and is currently writing and demoing reference vocals for several mainstream artists. Besides that he is naturally a comedian.

Drastic:  Sheroma is a true Jane of all Trades. She’s  a pageant queen (Miss British Virgin Islands 2010-2011 [and will compete in up to 5 more pageants in 2011 including Miss Universe) , Photographer, Makeup Artist, Filmmaker, Model, Stylist, Musician, Multimedia Artist, Entrepreneur and more.

POSH:  What motivated each of you to get into your respective fields?

Drastic : I’ve been doing music since I can remember.  I just took the step to making it a career when B.V. (Brandon Varlack) approached me and asked me if we should enter the Virgin Islands Idol Competition in 2007. We entered the competition, won and have been unstoppable since.

Brass.Angel : It started with my passion for music and photography. In high school and college I was a science nerd but was always drawn to the arts. Eventually I left the science behind and dove headfirst in perusing my creative talents.

POSH:  What is your favourite song of his?

Brass.Angel: I’m torn between “Lay Your Body Down” and “Sugary Waistline”. With the new music B.V. & Drastic are about to bring out, I know that I’ll be further torn amongst more great music of theirs.

POSH:  Drastic what career achievement of Sheroma’s would you say your is most proud of?

Drastic: Her sweeping win at the Miss British Virgin Islands pageant in 2010 made me very proud. She waited 8 years to do the pageant and it was worth the wait. She won every segment, taking home 6 of the 8 possible prizes for herself.

POSH:  Do you have a relationship role model

Drastic: Yes. my parents Carolyn and Danley. They are each other’s first true loves and have been married for 28 happy years with 3 wonderful children. They put God first and created a nurturing and wholesome environment for their children.

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