Kris Kelli: New Look New Music

By :- Janette Brin


Kris Kelli, the newest signee to Block Entertainment, steps out onto the scene with the release of her new edgy single “Kingston” featuring M.I.A. giving her fans a riveting sample of what’s to come on her EP “Kris Kelli Secret,” to be released Feb. 14, 2013. The pop record is an ode to her hometown of Kingston, Jamaica and effortlessly showcases the Caribbean beauty’s smooth yet feisty vocal talents.

“I came extra edgy on this latest single with M.I.A. It mixes with my image right now and reaches another audience than Action did,” notes the shimmering star. The new song is an explosive follow up to her two earlier releases “Me & U” featuring Gorilla Zoe and “Action” from her latest mixtapeSell Off” hosted by DJ Kash. “It’s always dope [working with Gorilla Zoe]. He’s my label mate and so talented as an artist plus he’s a really great writer,” Kris Kelli recalls.

Heralding Kris Kelli as the next pop sensation, Block, CEO of Block Entertainment, says he has “been wanting to do a project like this for years. This is like a dream come true, going worldwide with my company and working with a pop superstar.”  The double-taking sextress oozes a sensual appeal that consistently baits new fans with no color lines. Rolling out her “Team Warrior” movement a program designed to acknowledge her heartfelt appreciation for dedicated, ride or die fans who have supported her music since the beginning.

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