By :- Janette Brin


In a time when a considerable amount of rappers try to climb to the top, Cameron Frazer aka Remlavoe, rapper, songwriter, and producer from Queens, NY clearly distinguishes himself apart from the norm.  Remlavoe’s lyrical storytelling combined with his satirical wordplay and food for thought leaves people wondering…”What is a North star?”  Born and raised in what he affectionately calls “Constellation Queens”, to a Tortolian father and Panamanian mother, he was influenced by a variety of music and multitude of people in the melting pot of New York City. Being from Farmers Blvd, blocks away from where A Tribe Called Quest and LL Cool J once called home, he pays tribute to the legends by carrying on the Queens tradition of lyrics and conceptual song formats.

At an early age his unrivaled gift of free-styling left people anxious to hear what he would be able to do with an actual mix tape.  On February 7th 2013, after forming his team” The Northstarz”, ranging from clothing designers, videographers ,and producers he released his debut mix tape “Man vs. Myth”.  A name given to describe the transition from ambition to achievement, this mix tape embodies what hip hop is all about. Ranging from real life experiences, to the hopes of not just him, but everybody in his camp and extended Starz around the world.


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