By :- Janette Brin


The universal power of music is not better exemplified than the talents of Jamaican Reggae artist Wayne Marshall.  They say that music is the Almighty playing his Aeolian harp and frolicking with the Zephyr winds to create music…and this time He has chosen as his conductor, this very seasoned and ever-so-talented modern day Reggae musician, Marshall, to bring all the vibes together.

The 33-year old Wayne is now solid and ready to use his gift of making righteous sounds after paying his dues and working toward success for the last ten years.  Experiencing long hours in studios and honing his craft, he has recently dropped his new EP album called Tru Colours on the Ghetto Youths International label, to be released on January 22, 2014.   Ghetto Youth is a record label founded by the Marley Brothers to help underprivileged youths.  Ziggy, Stephen, Julian, and Damian Marley created the music label, sons of the founder of the legendary Reggae movement, Bob Marley.

As an adjunct to the recording company, the Ghetto Youths Foundation, Inc. was also started up by the brothers, but exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Research has shown that many ghetto youths may not be literate, but are quite articulate and talented musically. They know their identity but are limited in reaching success because of a lack of financial resources and many other problems including the background of families, the neighborhoods where they live, and peer pressure. The Marley mission is to: “Improve the lives of disadvantaged and minority youths both in the Caribbean and abroad by educating and assisting this group with the ultimate goal of reducing poverty, social, family disorder and alienation that this group feels on a daily basis.”

Stating in a recent interview that his two years spent so far with Youths International has truly helped him achieve the natural progression of releasing a full album again.  He had not done so since ten year before when he debuted with the album, Marshall Law.  That first album was merely a compilation of songs grabbed from here and there.  Tru Colours, he says this time, “Is a dream come true.”  The album is produced by Damian “Junior Gong” Marley and features a song called “Go Harder,” one that Marshall performed with deejay Cham and a couple of American rappers, Ace Hood and Waka Flocka.  It is definitely a remix of more of the hip-hop influence, and an exciting track as far as Marshall is concerned.  We would have to agree.

The Marley family has been on the Reggae scene for many years and it has been 30 years since their founder, Bob Marley, passed on.  The family is always on the lookout for new Reggae talent and for seasoned talent such as Marshall to explode onto the music scene.  This year, Marshall intends on moving beyond the straight dancehall arena and the Marleys will make it a point to help him achieve this goal.

Added to what he calls his new lease on life, and the addition of a new baby son born to him and his wife Tami Chin, is a new level of music that proves to the world what he is all about.  “There is so much more to know and many more musical levels to reach,” he emphatically says about his life and his career.  An interesting note on the new album is that on the track called “Stupid Money,” Marshall features his eight-year old son, Damian.  “The journey of fatherhood is wonderful,” he explains and family indeed holds a strong place in the evolution of his life and his music. This new role of being a husband and father enables him to be somewhat different from other male artists in that his lyrics have a double meaning – a meaning that in his words, “Celebrates marriage and the sentiment of respect for having a wife and family, while still being a bit on the “wicked” side with these double meanings.”

Marshall, or the new and improved Marshall, is also touring Europe extensively this year and performing in front of all sorts of different people and venues with solo dates as well.  He has come a long way from Barbican and Hope Pastures, Jamaica, where he was raised.  The world is truly his oyster now and his artistic credibility is at its peak.  One can tell that he is on a roll.  Working hard, marriage, family, and being the brother-in-law of Tessanne Chin - the recent winner of the popular TV show, The Voice has not hurt him either.  “It has,” he says, “Given me enough experience under my belt now to show my true colors.”

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