The Who is Who Behind Caribbean Music

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It is no surprise that the sexiest music leaving the western hemisphere is coming from the Caribbean, from Reggae to Soca, every Caribbean body carries an eccentric rhythm.  Even though we know the big names coming out of the Caribbean like Rihanna from Barbados, Sean Paul from Jamaica and Shaggy also from Jamaica, who is behind the mastery of Caribbean music?  From writers to producers, there are hundreds of people involved in the success of Caribbean artists who we would never recognize by name or by face.  However, without these spectacular people, we would never have many of the musicians and artists that we admire.

The Caribbean’s Leader in Music and Entertainment Production

There are numerous music producers who give us the beats that you want.  One of the most forefront Caribbean music producers is the Caribbean Music Group.  The Caribbean Music Group is not only successful regionally but also internationally, helping to produce certain artists like Beenie Man, Sugar Daddy and Calypso Rose.  Other rising stars in Soca and other music genres include Issac Blackman, Prophet Benjamin, Sharlene, KMC and 3 Canal. 

CMG is split into main labels that produce music, audiovisual projects and films.  Sun Nation Entertainment is in charge of releasing Caribbean music internationally.  The latest successful releases from this division include “Follow the Leader” by Nigel, “Sweet Soca Music: by Sugar Daddy and “Soul on Fire” by KMC, Beenie Man and Fatmen Scoop.  Maturity Music Ltd. Runs all of the audiovisual productions.  Successful projects to come out of this sector include “Calypso @ Dirty Jims” and “Children of Soca”.  The final component of CMG is Maturity Music which is subdivided into Ritualsmusic, Revolution Records and Roots Caribbean Rhythms Publishing for all of its film production needs.

A Soca Producing Legend

One man who should be acknowledged is the deceased Sheldon Benjamin also known dearly as Shel Shok. Benjamin was the lead music producer in the Caribbean until he ended his battle with cancer in April of this year.  He began his musical journey producing for Kiskadee Karavan and rised to popularity after Machel Montano’s “Big Truck” exploded.  He produced hits like General Grant’s “Soca Billboard”, Third Base’s “High” and Xtatic’s “Come Dig It” and worked with soca greats like Destra Garcia, LA Crew, Vision Band and the talented, Allison Hinds.    Shel Shok was the best Soca music producer and he should not be forgotten.

There are many talented professionals in the Caribbean music industry, but few are able to call themselves legends.  Even popular artists such as Wyclef Jean and Sean Paul, have reached out into their communities sponsoring and producing the music that made them famous.  As much as you love your favorite Caribbean music artists, you should also love the people who are behind these instant classics. 

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