POSH Style Tips for Men

By :- Janette Brin


Photo: Menswear designer @andrewnowell_menswear presented a dapper collection of sporty, relaxed proportions styles @summersizzlebvi 2016 

Fellas when it comes to dressing well the first thing to note is that being well groomed can make any outfit look ten times better. So take care of your personal hygiene from head to toe. Make sure your hair is cut regularly. Guys with dreads or if your rocking that rugged look, your style still need to be clean, fresh, and attractive in scent! To ensure your facial hair or even your locks are nice, soft, and kissable I recommend hair and body serum by itiba beauty. 

Once we have you personal grooming in check, there are some basics items that I think every man should have in his wardrobe:

  • A black t-shirt
  • A white t-shirt
  • Blue button down shirt
  • Pink button down shirt
  • Black or grey shorts
  • Black or dark blue dress pants
  • Slimfit or straight leg jeans
  • A Black or dark blue blazer

These items are just easy to mix and match, dress up or down for many occasions. You can get nice sharp looking tshirts from JCrew, Ralph Lauren, GAP, shopping locally Urban Trends and Urban VI over in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. When it comes to finding a nice suit, you can find a nice suit for under $1000 from Hugo Boss. Consider these style ideas when stepping out:

A simple yet stylish outfit that would be perfect for parade day or a weekend date with your lady. Consider a black crew-neck t-shirt and black shorts. Add maybe some leather slip-on sneakers to your look for an instant style upgrade.

Obviously, I'm a big fan of Usher, he is such a good dresser in this timeless and perfect for the weekend or a night in the carinival village kinda look: picture a dark blue denim jacket and deep blue jean pants – worn with either your white tee or blue t-shirt shirt – thinking on accessories I would recommend a nice statement belt from say Louis Vuitton or a nice Gap belt would do. Step up your hat game and rock a nice fedora style hat. And finally everyman needs a nice timepiece on his wrist and in the VI we do VI Watches from Cardow.

When its time for a more formal occassion such as work or even an upscale date night with your lady. A deep blue suit and a white gingham dress shirt will showcase your sartorial self. A cool pair of dark brown leather oxford shoes is an easy way to upgrade your look.

A slim cut long sleeve shirt in pink or sky blue is said to be the staple in a man's smart and casual wardrobe. In our all year round summer it works just as well under a blazer for a day at the office as it does with jeans or chinos for a day out.

Serious about your personal style note the biggest fashion event of the year coming July 19-24, 2017,  Summer Sizzle BVI . Join the conversation by posting your POSH looks using #POSHStyle 

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