By :- R. Anthony Morrison


Mens fashion week was a whirlwind of runway shows and presentations packed into four days.  What's it like for the men? POSH went  backstage at General Idea two hours before the runway show  to find out.  A crowded madhouse with models moving from hair to makeup stations constantly? Nope! -- For the men it's a bit more laid back. Without head pieces and elaborate hair styles the flow is less frenzied. The atmosphere is much calmer, and definately not as crowded. The usual contingent of media is moving through the area getting footage and a few interviews.  Designer Bumsuk Choi is a subtle presence backstage, supporting and checking all aspects of the show's preparation. While being very orderly it's also light and fun. Models as usual pass the time by checking email and taking photos to post on social media. Everybody functions at a high level of professionalism while managing to find time to talk and have fun during the few moments of down time. The MAKE UP PRO New York style team handled the various stations with amazing skill and ease. This is how it all comes together, have a look.
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