Gizelle Riley has the Shine Blueprint

What if you could get clarity on your purpose and attract the right people to your business? Sounds like a dream come true, right? Jamaican-born media-maven Gizelle Riley makes that a reality for trailblazing women across the globe with her signature coaching programme Shine Blueprint. With over a decade of communication expertise behind her name,

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POSHgirl TALK Episode 1: “Body Dysmorphic Disorder”

On this Episode 1: Janette and April share their thoughts over Cocktails on "Body Dysmorphic Disorder" Have you heard of this before? Join the conversation by sharing your thoughts in the comments. Other segments cover what is trending in the Caribbean plus POSHgirl Beauty Picks. Tune in and click subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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5 Wines Perfect for All of Your Caribbean Winter Festivities

From red to white, your holiday wine shopping made easy The holidays and wine really go hand-in-hand. It’s the perfect sipping beverage for a wide variety of events and get togethers. But with so many grapes and blends, and thousands vineyards and wineries around the world, haven’t we all stood, indecisively staring, at the liquor

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The Year of the Woman

This past week, women broke multiple records all around the United States. For the first time, a total of 117 women emerged as winners in elections across the country. They came, they saw, and they won seats in the House of Representatives. By the end of the votes, the House of Representatives was effectively under

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The Brand New Single from Estelle

Estelle and Luke James' 'So Easy' track rallies against the contentions of relationships. The duo pairs sultry R&B vocals over an up tempo reggae track and is delivered effortlessly, and of course 'So Easy'. Download this feature single now and let us know your feedback on iPool. About ‘Lover’s Rock’  Lovers Rock (via

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