5 Caribbean Celebrity Dads We Absolutely Love

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Happy Father’s Day to all fathers everywhere. And a special shout out to some of our favorite Caribbean Celebrity Dads. From a legendary Marley to one of the most sought-after hitmakers who just happens to be from the Virgin Islands. These dads celebrate their lives as husbands and dads with all the pride in the world. We just love to see it! Ziggy Marley reading and playing music with his children and Shaggy playing dress-up with his twin girls – are just reminders of what matters most. And that is family!

1/ Ziggy Marley

We love the way Ziggy takes great pride in his children. Passionate about the well-being of children, Ziggy has often used his celebrity over the years to help children in need. From exercising, playing soccer, and having story time, his children are often seen on his social media feed. Most recently Ziggy posted a video of his son Isaiah celebrating his kindergarten graduation. The father of seven, three from previous relationships, and his youngest four with his wife Orly — is very much a family man.

 Rolling Stone: Creator, Kristin Burns


The Grammy award-winning artist is hands down most proud of his children. It’s probably no secrete that his girls are his weak spot #girldad. The father of five, two boys from previous relationships, and three girls including a set of twins with his wife Rebecca. Shaggy absolutely loves being the doting and sometimes annoying dad.

3/ Theron Thomas

The older brother of the duo known as R.City, the hitmaker to pretty much all the A-list celebrities — Theron isn’t shy about declaring to the world how much he loves his kids. The proud father of four, two from previous relationships, and two with his wife Vada.

4/ Sean Paul

Sean Paul has won multiple international awards, including a Grammy. When he is not on tour, he is a devoted husband and dad to his son Levi and daughter Remi.

5/ Wayne Mitchell aka Wayne Marshall

Since COVID the world has had a front seat view of just how tight-knit a family the Mitchells are. Wayne and his wife Tami started their YouTube channel, ‘Meet the Mitchells’ which became a major hit. The dancehall artiste who is best known for his collaborations with Sean Paul, Elephant Man, and Beenie Man – values most of all his sons all under one roof. Mitchell has four sons, two of which are from previous relationships, and two he shares with his wife Tami. The Mitchells are currently preparing to welcome their first girl baby.

source: Instagram