5 Wines Perfect for All of Your Caribbean Winter Festivities

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From red to white, your holiday wine shopping made easy

The holidays and wine really go hand-in-hand. It’s the perfect sipping beverage for a wide variety of events and get togethers. But with so many grapes and blends, and thousands vineyards and wineries around the world, haven’t we all stood, indecisively staring, at the liquor store’s wine wall? So, we’ve rounded up our favourite wines to help save you some time this busy holiday season. (You can thank us later!)

Family Dinner 

Cantina Zaccagnini – Tralcetto Montepulciano – Italy

As soon as the first day of fall, rolls around, it’s time for ‘stick wine.’ This nickname for Cantina Zaccagnini’s wine has shown up on the internet, and around family dinner tables, for the decorative branch on the bottle. (It’s also much easier to pronounce than the Italian name!)

It’s an easy drinking red, and thus a great transitional wine from our warmer Caribbean days, to our slightly cooler nights! Give this one a try and soon enough your family will be saying ‘pass the stick wine’ at dinner too!


Girls Night

Sebastiani – Chardonay – California

Last winter’s fashion month taught us that we most certainly can rock winter whites, especially here in the Caribbean, so we’re keeping with the trending and rocking winter white wines too! And who better to sip on some chilled vino with than your girlfriends?!

When choosing a holiday white wine, look on the label for notes of ‘oak’ and ‘spices.’ Most Pinot Gris or Chardonnay from California will have a fuller body, that will still give you that cosy feeling like a bold red wine.

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Date Night

Luca – Malbec – Argentina

For a holiday date night, we gravitate towards a rich Malbec. The romantic flavours of chocolate, tobacco, and leather create a cosy and intimate vibe.

The Luca Malbec, is a new favourite because it pairs well with dishes like Carne Guisada, but almost more importantly, with the latest Netflix holiday movie! And we promise, this wine will help you, and your partner, survive even the most wintery Caribbean nights.


Me Night

Union Wine Co. – ‘Underwood’ Pinot Gris – Oregon

Sometimes you just need a ‘me night’ – especially around the holidays. Between the stress of shopping, and the exhaustion of attending, and hosting, events, it’s important to slow down and take a breath. For this reason, we love the Underwood canned wine!

Yes, you read that right, wine in a can!! Each holds about two glasses, so you don’t have to feel guilty about opening a whole bottle (that will most likely get forgotten in the fridge). So, light the beach campfire, hit shuffle on that Michael Bublé holiday playlist, and enjoy that chilled can of winter white wine, you deserve it!



Office Party

Josh Cellars – Cabernet Sauvignon – California

Josh is the perfect go- to wine for all work related holiday festivities. It’s not only a quality bottle, but it’s a reliable and affordable, crowd pleaser.

Wine drinkers from novice, to self-proclaimed sommeliers, swear by this brand. Impress your colleagues and clients by dropping this “don’t you love the subtle wintery cinnamon, clove, and oak aromas?”

Happy holidays, and happy wine drinking!

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