54 Kingdoms: Storytellers in Fashion

Nana Poku and Kwaku Awuah presented the 5th Anniversary celebration of Storytellers In Fashion. The event was hosted at DROM on the lower east side of Manhattan. The annual event serves as a platform to highlight the achievements of their company 54 Kingdoms. In addition the are also committed to spirit. Pan-Americanism, and creative expression through fashion.
54 Kingdoms’ roots can be traced to 2006, when founder & CEO, Nana Poku developed the concept in the fall semester of his senior year at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU). In 2009, together with Kwaku Awuah (President), 54 Kingdoms was officially launched in the United States (U.S). Today, the company is globally recognized for its storytelling design model and culture-driven trademark, with products fully-designed in the 54 Kingdoms’ studio, and manufactured in Ghana, Greece, the U.S, and Vietnam. One of 54 Kingdoms’ long-term visions is to manufacture all of its products in Africa.
Since its inception, 54 Kingdoms continues provide a platform and a voice for  Africa and the Diaspora. Not just a voice but a fashionable way to express itself. Ghanaian fashion entrepreneurs  Nana Poku, and Kwaku Awuah launched Storytellers In Fashion in 2012. Their company 54 Kingdoms created a culture that highlights creative experience, and inspiration.
Their unique designs forge direct link to oral and visual presentation. They are committed to providing a home for other emerging Pan-African artists to share their stories. They do this through different creative outlets such as music, dance, visual art, poetry, film, and

This year marked the fifth anniversary of Storytellers In Fashion. The event was hosted by radio personality Dionne Adessa. Gracing the stage for the evening were; Congolese born singer Rafiya, comedian Namo, and dynamic Haitian poet D. Colin who appeared at Storytellers In Fashion for the first time. In addition Kwaku, and Nana gave the audience a slide show look back at past designs. It was an opportunity to learn about the inspirations behind someof their most popular designs to date. It was also an opportunity to have a look at their revamped Massai Collection. The night also featured a pan African musical tribute that featured African, and Caribbean artists. It was a very Posh evening indeed.