Editorial Entrepreneurship

In June, Caribbean POSH is organizing Caribbean POSH Weekend – a stylish weekend event designed for networking, fashion, food, laughter, inspiration, and woman empowerment. As an entrepreneur myself, my goal is to bring Caribbean people from the local, region, and diaspora community together to celebrate the style and vibe of Caribbean women. We want to provoke discussion about the challenges we face and raise awareness on viable solutions. From building a successful business to contributing successfully to the community. Here is why you NEED to attend!

Have Fun and Travel. What is life without living? Get your besties together, get the tickets, and join us in St.Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands.

Network! Network! Network! Get your foot in the door and sell what you do to other accomplished and courageous businesswomen aka poshgirls.

Education is Empowering! Well, how did she manage to grow from a solo entrepreneur into a company with 10 employees in two years? The where, the what, and the how can make all the difference for you and your small business or even your personal life. Join us and learn from Caribbean experts.

Discover Diversity in the Caribbean. We often say the Caribbean is a melting pot. Each year our speakers and attendees draw on their drive and inspiration from their life’s journey and share stories that will help you to look at your business from a new perspective and improve your inclusivity. From the Greater to the Lesser Antilles, we are some amazingly beautiful human beings.

Inspiration. For a Caribbean woman, learning another Caribbean woman’s success story is a powerful experience. In a special way, it increases confidence and reminds us that if she can, so can you.

The Economics. There is power in placing focus on supporting Caribbean production, taking stock of our consumption of goods, and encouraging local generational wealth. #shopcaribbean

Caribbean POSH Weekend inclusive of the POSHgirl POWER Brunch takes place June 16-19, 2023 in St.Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

For event updates or to register visit: https://caribbeanposh.com/posh-weekend/