8 Questions with Nickie Nougaisse.

#POSHgirls Entrepreneurship Feature

Nickie Nougaisse, a Haitian-born entrepreneur is the founder of Curls Dynasty!

  • Can you describe yourself in four words?

Unshakable, Creative, Insightful, Limitless

  • You’ve experienced poverty, homelessness and racism. How have these experiences shaped your life and made you who you are today?

Early on as an immigrant in the USA, I quickly learned that I’d need to steel myself against all my obstacles if I were to survive and thrive. Everything I’ve overcome has made me dangerous in the sense that my spirit is not easily broken, and I literally now KNOW that anything is possible as long as my mind is right.

  • What advice would you offer to women going through what you’ve gone through?

 Hang tight! – I promise it is true that there is a way where the is a will. Get out of your own way, open your mind to possibilities and be willing to pivot. There’s a solution to everything.

  • Where did you get your entrepreneurial spirit?

I’d say it’s a combination of my mother and life experiences. She was a warrior, a go-getter who stopped at nothing to make sure her kids were on point. Her drive and a desire to improve quality of life for myself as well as those I serve keep me motivated and disciplined.

  • What would you say was the breaking point for you in making the transition to natural hair?

The severity of the chemical burns from my last relaxer. It was HORRENDOUS. Having to deal with the scabs and peeling scalp for weeks after just really had my self-esteem in the dumps.

  • What advice would you give to someone who is frustrated with their natural hair – they are perhaps feeling it’s too much work, their hair isn’t growing, etc.

Our hair is always growing (our armpits remind us too often). The issue is retaining that length. Natural hair is not hard to take care of once you establish a routine and have the right tools/products. I used to dread wash days, particularly detangling. With the right moisturizing products that allow me to breeze through the process, consistent regular deep conditioning treatments, I have been able to maintain soft, hydrated hair that breaks less – thus, retaining length.

  • What advice would you offer to Caribbean women in business trying to achieve international success?

Be unashamedly relentless in your belief in yourself, your product/service and the pursuit of your heart’s desire.

  • Your brand can be found in Target and dozens of hair supply stores across the US. Can you tell us about what this achievement means to you?

I just want the next little black girl with limitations stacked against her to know that she CAN. Having my brand sold in Target, Walmart, Kroger, and beauty supplies stores throughout the world is a beacon that does just that.

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