Adding a “Beach Flair” to Your Minimal Interior Design Decor


If you are looking to add a little beach flair to your room with minimal effort, you are in luck. You don’t need a whole room makeover to achieve a beach inspired décor. Minimalist design is all about elements that don’t overwhelm a room. With a few items, you can turn your living space into a seaside escape.

Add a touch of color

Minimalist design does not mean you are stuck with a white palette. An all-white room can leave the space feeling a little cold. You should consider adding a touch color to the room. If you are looking for a more coastal flair, add bright accent colors to crisp white walls. Aqua blue can give the room a more warm and inviting feel. You can also add a few pops of color with some accent pieces. By adding a rug, throw, or pillow in a bright color, you can give a more beach vibe to the area. Dark colors are also used to introduce rustic elements into a beach inspired room. You should consider adding decorative pieces and furniture in shades of brown. The color will add even more warmth to the room when combined with a white wall.

Bring in natural elements

The key to adding beach flair to a room is incorporating a few pieces of nature. Beach flair is all about taking the best of nature and bringing it into your living space. Contemporary furniture and sleek lines can be balanced out with natural elements. Sit back and imagine the details you would find in a seaside cottage. There are always pieces such as repurposed driftwood or old ship pieces that are part of the decor. Wicker chairs are a great way to add a little seaside charm to a room. Don’t forget about the plants either. A few plants and shrubbery can make you feel like you have never left the beach.

Add a few beach statement pieces

You need to think about adding a piece that will be showcased in the room. Find pieces that will draw visitors into the area. To keep in step with a minimalist design, the piece should not overwhelm the space. For the living room, consider adding a white couch with blue nautical strips. For you are looking for something smaller, then consider adding a nautical themed light fixture. There are plenty of lamps that incorporate items such as rope or antique metal into their design. If you want to add beach flair to a dining space, look for ocean-inspired artwork. This can add a little dramatic flair to a smaller space.


Steel and wood can make a great pair

Kitchens are excellent places to add a little beach feel to your home. A little white color will make any design pop out. Stainless steel appliances and white cabinets are the perfect combination for your minimalist design. You should add some earthy elements to the room. Exposed wood beams and wooden floors can help you bring the beach into your kitchen. If you do not have the budget for that, choose stools or chairs that are made of natural elements. Pieces made of wicker and seagrass can add a little pop to the kitchen space.

Bring in some texture

When you visit the beach, it is all about the textures, The sand, sea grass, driftwood, shells, and the crashing waves all add their own elements to the area. Your room should bring those details into it as well. Textures are a fun way to liven up your living space. Think about those elements in nature. A vase with sand can add a little a beach flair. Driftwood is another popular choice for seaside charm. Do not be afraid to mix up other elements too. Textured pieces do not have just be about adding a little accent. Some larger pieces, such as a driftwood stool or table, can give a completed feel to the room.

Do not limit yourself to one room

The days of a theme for each room are long over. If you are looking for beach flair, you should add at least one element to each room. That is not to say a miniature boat must be in every area. You should give your home an overreaching style. For the minimalist style, keep it simple. Don’t go out and buy every starfish, net, and lighthouse for your home. A few personal choices can go a long way.

Think about the floors

Beach houses are all about wood elements. With the ocean air and sand, carpets are not a good fit. For the minimalist design with a beach feel, consider ditching the carpets. Hardwood floors are always in style. They are easy to clean and can add value to your home. A nice sea grass rug on a wooden floor can give the room that ultimate seaside look.

You can get a great beach look for your minimalist designed home. With a few elements, you can add a little bit of style to the room without overwhelming it. Once you have added a few components, you can enjoy a beach paradise without ever leaving your house.

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