Affiliate Marketing: What It Is and How to Get Started


It’s mostly up to the affiliate to decide if they want to be transparent about it. While you won’t need to outlay money, what you will need to get started is time. Affiliate marketing is a skilled practice, and learning the ropes can be a slow, hard slog.

By Hanson Cheng As you look to increase your success as an affiliate marketer this year and beyond, finding reliable sources of information and advice is… These not only give you a source of passive income but the sums of money they accumulate can add up rapidly. Naturally, you want to sell products that reward you well for your efforts. Instead, you want to choose items that are related to your niche but also that sell. Glassdoor reports a higher average income for affiliates with an average income of $66K. For instance, if you convert 1% of your visitors into sales, you will receive one sale for every 100 visitors.

What is affiliate marketing

If you recommend everything that comes across your path, you’ll lose trust and credibility with your audience. Making money as an affiliate is based on people trusting your recommendations enough to follow through with the purchase process. Building a social media following can help foster loyalty with your audience.

Step 2: Decide on a content platform

Do you want to know how to leverage Google for your SEO needs? Check out this list of 42 Google advanced search operators, plus 15 actionable ways to use them to accomplish specific SEO tasks. Ahrefs — All-in-one SEO tool that’ll help you research keywords to target, audit your website, research your competitors, find content ideas, and more. On the other hand, make every other word a link in your introduction, and your content will look spammy. Email lists allow you to communicate with your readers anytime.

What is affiliate marketing

You want to create compelling reasons for using the product you love so much and make it easy for them to buy from each one of your posts. Realize that you are competing against global internet marketers who have promoted products for decades. Adjust your marketing strategy to use paid advertising and diversified promotions to combat this. Recognize that it may take you years to be as relevant as the time-tested affiliate marketers. They select products or services from companies they are affiliated with.

Affiliate management and program management outsourcing

There’s a common myth in affiliate marketing that it’s all about SEO. But PPC is an important and powerful tool for affiliate marketers. It’s hard to overstate the importance of choosing something you’re passionate about. You’ll need to create a lot of content to succeed with affiliate marketing. If you choose something you hate, you’ll find it hard to press on when the going gets tough.

What is affiliate marketing

Native ads overcome this obstacle by letting people discover new products and content in a more natural way that doesn’t disrupt their browsing experience. A more complex system, pay per lead affiliate marketing programs compensates the affiliate based on the conversion of leads. If the customer does purchase the item, then the affiliate receives a portion of the revenue made. For example, the seller could be an ecommerce merchant that started a dropshipping business and wants to reach a new audience by paying affiliate sites to promote their products. Or the seller could be a SaaS company that leverages affiliates to help sell their marketing software.


So, if someone uses your affiliate link and the cookie lasts a day, the shopper would need to complete a purchase within 24-hours of accessing your affiliate link. If the cookie has a 30-day expiration, the shopper could make a purchase two weeks after first accessing your affiliate link and the purchase would still get credited to you. It’s important to find out about the brand’s refund policy, too. But what happens if someone buys through your affiliate link and then wants a refund? It’s important to know if you’re going to be charged back for refunds. Choose a niche (or “vertical” if you want to sound super knowledgeable).

Thanks to the affiliate marketing structure, you’ll never have to be concerned with customer support or customer satisfaction. The entire job of the affiliate marketer is to link the seller with the consumer. The seller deals with any consumer complaints after you receive your commission from the sale. Incomes for affiliate marketers vary, with some making a few hundred dollars and some making six figures.

These could be reviews in which you go through the pros and cons of an item for potential customers. They then find affiliates to join the program and begin promoting their items. That makes it easy for affiliates to know if this is a good fit for their business. If it is, they know how much traffic to send to this landing page to achieve their financial goals. It’s likely you also have advertising costs, referral fees, and discounts.

The customer makes a purchase from the merchant

Promote affiliates you’d use and limit the number of affiliates you promote. Just because a brand has an affiliate program doesn’t mean you have to join it. By only promoting a limited number of brands, you show your audience that you only vouch for the products you believe in. Before you can earn passively from affiliate marketing, you need to invest time and energy in building your business. Set up goals and metrics to know if your strategy is working or if you’d need to tweak it.

  • Digital marketing is increasingly becoming complex as marketers juggle numerous channels…
  • He has more than 18 years of practical experience with SEO and digital marketing.
  • Being an affiliate marketer requires skill, experience, and work.
  • “How-To” searches are also popular ways to lead more people to your website or content.
  • But again, brands make it as quick and painless as possible to win affiliate sales.

When figuring out how much to pay, you need to offer a commission that will attract good affiliates. But it shouldn’t be so much that it cuts into your profits. Do you create YouTube videos to help up-and-coming software developers get freelance gigs? Give them as much information as they need to improve their career.

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Education occurs most often in “real life” by becoming involved and learning the details as time progresses. Affiliate marketing currently lacks industry standards for training and certification. Affiliate marketing is not commonly taught in universities, and only a few college instructors work with Internet marketers to introduce the subject to students majoring in marketing. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Digital marketing is increasingly becoming complex as marketers juggle numerous channels… One of the major challenges of marketing is that you need to spend money first before you…

In this way, it’s a bit like local lead generation, where you become a middleman between customers and small businesses. But, with the rank and rent method of lead generation, there is just one website per business, and it doesn’t need to be updated constantly with new content. With the CPA payment model, the affiliate marketer gets paid for each lead acquired for the merchant.

Once you create the content, you can employ search engine optimization tactics to get the site to rank in Google’s search engine. Or it could be a how-to guide in which you add an affiliate link to a tool that would help the reader. The company will track all the sales that come from the affiliate affiliate marketing tools in order to credit them with the commission. In this affiliate marketing for beginners guide, I will walk you through everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and how it works. You can try Kajabi free today and see if affiliate marketing is the right tactic for your business.

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This can vary based on the category of the item you are promoting. They need to take this step to make sure that you are not buying your own products or doing anything else dishonest. It will also look to see which affiliate should be credited with the sale. For example, a software product with a monthly membership fee. When your pages get high enough in the rankings, you will start to see visitors to your site.

Or read this fascinating post in which dozens of affiliate marketers talk about how long it took to make their first sale. The answers vary wildly, with one affiliate going from $0 to $7K revenue in 6 months, and another describing how it took three months to make their first affiliate sale (a modest $310!). Luckily, there are loads of online affiliate marketing communities you can join and affiliate marketing podcaststo follow so you can get the starter knowledge and support you need. Joining an affiliate marketing network is the easiest way to find products and companies to promote, but you can also search “your niche + affiliate” on search engines to find other ideas.

Unscrupulous affiliates can squat on domain names with misspellings and get a commission for the redirect. They can populate online registration forms with fake or stolen information, and they can purchase AdWords on search terms the company already ranks high on, and so on. Even if the terms and conditions are clear, an affiliate marketing program requires that someone monitor affiliates and enforce rules.

You’ll be able to build trust and credibility with the audience. And, you’ll be better able to evaluate products and brands to promote. Once you get one website up and running, you can build out more properties in other niches. The more properties you have, the more revenue streams you can earn from. Like Share a Sale, CJ Affiliate brings a variety of affiliate programs under a single dashboard. Though it’s fewer programs than Share a Sale – there are still more than 2,000 to choose from.