Akeem Stanley

Designers Fashion & Style


Photographer: Khari Adams

Model: Olivia M Fonseca
MUA: Akinola Skelton
Designer: Akeem Stanley

Blue Dress: Being from the Caribbean where the beaches are infinite, I like the idea of having an effortless beachy look.

Flared Floral Skirt: this look is multi-functional – the cancan underneath can be worn separately and it can also be reversed. Functional indeed!

Flared Pants: I wanted to create a look that represents young, wild, and still classy!

23-year-old BVI designer, Akeem Stanley has had an eye for fashion from the early age of 14. The idea of having a sketch come to reality; and how fashion can transform a person’s character are some of the elements of fashion that excite him. We caught up with the rising BVI talent as he was preparing for his Couturier Atelier 2017 Collection showing at Summer Sizzle BVI:


Inspiration behind the collection

1: the 2017 spring colour report which consists of Oranges, Greenery, Olives and pink etc.

2: the opportunity to use bold colours that accentuate different silhouettes. Using trending looks was also the inspiration.

How would you describe your style?

Style is ever evolving you shouldn’t be stagnant when it comes to style because like clothing style gets old! I would describe my style as ever evolving.

Favourite item in your closet?

My tailored jacket. With a tailored jacket you can wear it in so many ways. Pair it with a pair of ripped jeans or

with trousers for a more claimed look. Tailoring is a must!

On the Runway 

 Pink Ruffled Sleeve Dress: This piece was inspired by one of my designer Idols Michael Costello. I found it to be rather chic and high fashion.