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POSHgirl TALK: Summer Sizzle BVI highlights

The girls are gearing up for new episodes of POSHgirl TALK. What better place for inspiration that inside Summer Sizzle BVI one of the leading fashion events in the Caribbean. Fashion moments to remember with Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily, Roger Gary of Roger Gary Designs, and Marielle Bobo of Essence Magazine. Be sure

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Women to Watch

  The Wanderlust  Anquanette Gaspard is a food and travel entrepreneur, freelance writer, blogger, and social media influencer, who uses her platforms to share the beauty of Caribbean food and culture. Oftentimes, stories told about Caribbean culture are from the perspective of storytellers from outside the region. Born and raised in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin

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Meet Anaya & Santia Dean of Duet Studios

Photographed by Scharad Lightbourne What part of the Bahamas are you ladies from? We are from the capital of the Bahamas on the island of New Providence. How did Duet Studios come about and did you first launch? Duet Studios came about from a love of good stories, great visuals, and great storytelling. We first

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The Caribbean’s Most Sexy and Fit Celebrity Moms

To most people, the phrase “Most Sexy” doesn’t go with moms, but looking at some of these sexy Caribbean moms is enough to erase that stereotype quickly. These moms have created new life and have also bounced back to their prime shapes thus creating unforgettable stage performances and red-carpet moments worthy of their status as

The Caribbean’s Most Sexy and Fit Celebrity Moms 2019-08-10T15:19:24-04:00

Must Read Health and Wellness Books by Caribbean Authors

Apart from the joys of reading to increase your knowledge, do you know that there are neurological and mental benefits to reading? Studies have shown that reading helps stress reduction, mental stimulation, memory improvement, and improved focus. Books about health and wellness should be at the top of your list of books to read if

Must Read Health and Wellness Books by Caribbean Authors 2019-08-10T15:23:40-04:00


A good head of hair contributes to the feeling of satisfaction that brings peace and joy to a person. Some complain about a receding hairline, loss of hair, stunted hair growth, scalp irritation, and all other issues. All these can be taken care of with the right choice of food. There are lots of nutrients

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The Digital Boss Babe Podcast

THE DIGITAL BOSS BABE PODCAST is the first show of its kind geared toward the education, development, and empowerment of Caribbean women entrepreneurs who are ready to build their personal brand and have a thriving online business.    Since its launch in January 2019, the show possesses a global listenership with loyal subscribers. The show

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Meet Architect Lavina Liburd

  According to artsy.com, "In the U.S. alone, women make up nearly half of the student body in architecture schools, and yet those numbers drop off dramatically in the professional field, where women make up a paltry 18 percent of licensed architects and, worse yet, suffer from a host of well-documented wage and social inequities

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Inclusive Education – Educating for Independence

Decades ago, declarations which sought to establish the rights of all men chiefly in matters of religion, education and occupation were enacted after enlightened periods of human history. The document titled “The Rights of the Child” is one such instrument. It outlines privileges reserved for children around the world. One of the most discussed is

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Stepping into Your Aligned Energy

Follow up to: “7 Tips on Setting & Pursuing Your BOLD Goals for the Year” If your upbringing was anything like mine, you were brought up thinking that it’s normal to struggle. You would have watched your parents, uncles and aunties, and just assumed that everything in life is supposed to be challenging. You have

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