Barbados Mount Gay Rum Tour

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Aaaah, Barbados. There’s nothing that we love more about the Caribbean than the culture and uniqueness of each island – Barbados especially. One thing that sets Barbados apart from most other Caribbean islands is the rum and the rum tours! More specifically, the Mount Gay Run Tours!


Mount Gay Rum Tours & Visitors Centre is more than a distillery tour, it’s a realy Barbadian experience! Give yourself a taste of the Caribbean at the home of Mount Gay – the world’s oldest rum and an integral part of Barbados’ history.  Barbados Mount Gay Rum Tours will introduce you to a taste of the island’s culture and all the mysteries of rum making at its best. Learn the secrets involved in the fascinating traditional processes of producing the world’s finest rum – refining, ageing, blending and bottling, and the ancient craft of barrel assembly.


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Mount Gay Rum Tour (Signature Tour): Duration: 30 – 45 minutes


Enjoy this tour with as a friendly story-telling guides take you through the fascinating history of Mount Gay Rum, told through centuries-old artifacts, film presentations, vintage photos and your tour is concluded with a tasting session with our head barman.


Mount Gay Rum Tour & Cocktail Experience: Duration 2HRs & 45mins


First, you’ll take the Signature Rum Tour, then afterward you’ll be taken to the bar to have your taste buds tempted and tantalized as you are taught the secrets of Exotic Cocktail “Mixology” by their Master Barman.


Learn to do the “Loco Motion”, the “Tropical Mojo”, the “Masquerader” or other mixes, all made to perfection using the world’s finest spirits. Then “turn it up a notch” for more friendly rivalry and camaraderie as they award prizes to the most delicious concoctions. Not surprisingly, in this entertaining and enlightening encounter, the highlight of the show is sampling these appetizing creations.


Mount Gay Rum Premium Package (Lunch & Cocktail Tour): Duration 3½ HRs


Start with a delicious Bajan Buffet Lunch, served with a special glass of Mount Gay Rum Punch, then continue onto their Signature Tour as detailed above, and finishing at the Bar – where you will have an unforgettable experience learning the secrets of Exotic Cocktail-making, while your taste buds are tantalized by their master Mixologist.


There’s no better way to experience Barbados then heading on a memorable Mount Gay Rum Tour! For more information, visit their site here.