‘Boss Girl Bobs’ In Demand 

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Celebrities like Shenseea, Patrice Roberts, Winnie Harlow are proving that the bob is the hairstyle of the moment!

The bob haircut style has stood the test of time as one of the most iconic and versatile haircuts in the world of fashion and beauty. Its enduring popularity can be attributed to a combination of factors that make it the best choice for many individuals. 

Black bob hairstyles look fantastic and suit all face shapes, you only need to opt for the right length and finish. Popular bob hairstyles include blunt bobs, stacked, asymmetrical, and pixie bobs.

Bobs are adored by Black women around the world due to their versatility, and the bold appearance they convey. For women that make the decision to rock a bob hairstyle, you will instantly exude an added level of intrigue, flair, and attitude that comes with the cut. Bob styles vary in all directions, from the casual and corporate, to the flirty and glammed up. So if you are planning on changing your look, the bob is a perfect cut to consider. 

With so many ways to incorporate a bob, it is no wonder that there are several celebrities of late that have chosen it for their recent looks, and the style has framed their faces gorgeously and highlighted their natural beauty. Shenseea, Patrice Roberts, and Winnie Harlow are celebrities that have played with the variations of the bob to brilliant success. Here, we highlight the looks of a few of our favorite Caribbean celebs and give advice on how you can find the perfect ‘boss girl bob’ for you!

Shenseea Debuts Layered Black Bob

Caption: Shenseea has mastered her own version of the ‘boss girl bob’. / credit: Instagram

Shenseea is one pop star that has certainly elevated her style within the past year, and with her layered black bob, the dancehall artist continues her winning ways with locks that have made fans stand up and pay attention. The cut is perfect for her face, framing it perfectly and playing up her fine features. As a style chameleon the bob works great for Shenseea as she is able to wear it with many of her eye-catching looks while on the red carpet. Here, she makes the look her own with a flip at the end and her edges laid down to highlight her cheekbones. For women that want to to adopt this look, it’s easy to attain and even easier to maintain! If you have longer hair and don’t want to go to short, this may be the ideal transition style for you. It’s edgy, sleek, and a winner from front to back.

Patrice Roberts Rocks Curly Bob

Caption: Patrice is the frills girl with the glam squad and boss bob on display! / credit: Instagram

Make no mistake about it – Patrice Roberts is a vocalist just as serious about her craft as her look! The stunner from Trinidad & Tobago is no slouch in the fashion department and is known for her ability to switch up her looks to resounding success. One of her latest was a shoulder-length curly bob that she showed off across her social media. Striking a bold pose in a custom made dress and complementary accessories, the wet look was definitely a win for the singer. With her edges framing her soft features, Patrice looked every inch the pop princess that she is, and for women that would like to adopt this style, know that it fits any face shape and is a great look for the spring and summer seasons. Plus, it works for women of any age!

Winnie Harlow Hits Us With the Shortest, Sleekest Bob Ever!

Caption: Winnie put her own singular spin on the classic bob. / credit: Instagram

When your face card never declines, you can rock any hairstyle you want, and as one of the top models in the world, Winnie Harlow is one celebrity that has presented the world a wide assortment of looks over the years. Each look is more tantalizing than the next and with one of her most recent debuts, a close cropped finger-wave bob, Harlow gave new definition to the phrase “short hair, don’t care”! 

As one of the shortest styles adjacent to the traditional bob cut, Winnie glammed it up with finger curls lining her angular face and kept the look chic and perfectly coiffed and tapered at the back. Women that want to adopt this daring look should have their confidence locked and loaded as it is a bold style that definitely elevates your overall aesthetic. As a short, sleek style that frames the face, there are few that do it as effectively. 

Why the Boss Girl Bob Might be Right for You

Bob haircuts are a fantastic choice for black women seeking a fresh style and there are a few variations of the ‘boss girl bob’ that can be taken into consideration. This haircut offers ample space for experimentation, demands minimal upkeep, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t branch out once and adopt a new style. You may develop a deep appreciation for the bob cut, and the style seamlessly complements any wardrobe and personal style, from the classic and bold to the unconventional. Please feel free to share your choice and experiences with us in the comments section!