What is New at Fenty Beauty?

Since the Barbadian singer, Rihanna, launched her makeup and beauty line in 2017, the fashion house has prided itself in its back-to-back, bomb new releases. From lip stains to full coverage foundations, Fenty Beauty products fly off the shelves even before they hit the stores. It is not surprising, because Fenty Beauty has carved a

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9 Leading Caribbean Brands to Support Right Now

The world is changing. Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few months, there's been a shift in dialogue in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. Brands are taking action to address the lack of representation and refocusing their marketing efforts to include everyone. No matter what they're skin tone. While

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The Caribbean’s Most Sexy and Fit Celebrity Moms

To most people, the phrase “Most Sexy” doesn’t go with moms, but looking at some of these sexy Caribbean moms is enough to erase that stereotype quickly. These moms have created new life and have also bounced back to their prime shapes thus creating unforgettable stage performances and red-carpet moments worthy of their status as

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10 Must Have for that Poshgirl Summer Glow

To keep that GORGEOUS Summer Glow going successful all summer, here are 10 Must Have items that a POSHgirl should have in her makeup kit. 1. ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Loose Pigments  2. HARLOTTE TILBURY Glowgasm Face Palette 3. COVER FX Monochromatic Matte + Shimmer Bronzer Duo in Sunkissed Bronze 4.Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder

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The Sexiest Beauty Pop Up activation at HFW

The Fashion and Beauty industry is being redefined to reflect the impact of an increasing global awareness. Diversity, and inclusion along all lines continue to be an evolving frontier. Attendees at Harlem Fashion Week got an opportunity to experience one of the brands poised to make a huge impact on the beauty industry. Among the

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Authentic by Carissa Joelle

This new beauty brand is making waves with its lightweight Jamaican Black Castor Oil It is no Secret that Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) is a miracle product. JBCO has been credited for assisting with regrowth and thickening of thinning hair among a myriad of other uses.  Many complain however about the bad smell and

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Beauty Products for your Man!

Beauty Products for Your Man! Who said that men are not into properly caring for their skin and smelling De-Lish? Many popular skincare brands now have a collection just for men. So now they have their own products they can enjoy. Here are 5 items that I like using on my celebrity clients like;

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Curly Girl Hair

Caribbean girls have always embraced their beautiful lush curls. But not every hair product out there has dedicated a hairline just for curly hair. Bumble and Bumble recently launched Bb.Curl, a line designed just for natural curls. Bb.Curl is infused with HydraSculpt Blend, a mix of Brazilian oils, and a curve-defining polymer.

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