Nikki Z

By: Sherina Russell-Garcia, Caribbean POSH Entertainment Writer In 2006, she had no idea that her sheer power on the microphone would make such an impression on one of the newest radio stations at the time in Jamaica ZIP 103 FM. Hailing from Connecticut in the United States, DJ Nikki Z a US Army veteran with

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Mishael Morgan: From Trinidad to Young & the Restless

Mishael Morgan was born in San Fernando, Trinidad and is a real Caribbean woman in the sense that she knows the beauty of island culture and its people intimately despite her family moving to Canada when she was 5 years old.  Her acting talents were honed early on in her youth, even though she did

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Hector Lincoln

POSH recently sat down with Hector Lincoln, a true Jamaican original.  He is a pragmatist, a dreamer, a go-getter, and as he says, “Not necessarily in that order.”  We wanted to get to know him, and with his delightful sense of humor, we really did. Hector attended various schools in Jamaica, Florida and New York,

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