Photo: @cointreau Perfect for hot days, but still delicious on not-so-hot days. Cointreau Fizz 2 oz Cointreau 1 oz fresh lime juice 4 oz club soda Photo: @Island Wine & Beer | Hong Kong     Celebrate your sexy day and night POSHgirl Cosmo 75ml GREY GOOSE L’Orange 10 ml Premium Orange Liqueur 1 splash

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5 Wines Perfect for All of Your Caribbean Winter Festivities

From red to white, your holiday wine shopping made easy The holidays and wine really go hand-in-hand. It’s the perfect sipping beverage for a wide variety of events and get togethers. But with so many grapes and blends, and thousands vineyards and wineries around the world, haven’t we all stood, indecisively staring, at the liquor

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The Caribbean Craft Distillery You Need to Visit Now: “For the strong spirited”

The Caribbean is nothing but short of amazing distilleries. Because of this we’re always on the search of the latest and greatest craft liquors to bring to our readers. This month we stumbled upon the beautiful Virgin Island Craft Distillers, located in St Thomas. Co-founded by two brothers, the company is a true family affair.

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Cruzan Rum for Summer Entertainment

Cruzan® Rum Breeze INGREDIENTS: 1 part Cruzan® Black Cherry Rum  1 part Cruzan® Aged Light Rum 2 parts pineapple juice Ginger ale   METHOD:  Pour first three ingredients over ice in a long drink glass. Top up with ginger ale and garnish with a lime twist. Cruzan® Rum Runner INGREDIENTS: 1 part Cruzan® Aged Light

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Dream, Explore, and Transform in Trinidad at the Annual NEW FIRE Festival

  NEW FIRE Festival is a transformational festival held in Trinidad and Tobago. The festival's third edition takes place March 23-25, 2018 at the Ortinola Estate in St Joseph. NFF is an immersive adventure to create tomorrow's world. Explore the beauty of zero waste living, live music, amazing visual art, camping under the stars, an

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From fierce red cherry peas to bubbly blueberry liquids. As the crooners tell it, the holiday season 'tis the most wonderful time of the year. What do people usually drink for the holidays? Check out the most traditional and classic holiday wines for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years. By learning the classics, you can either

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Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival Wins International Travel Award

The Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival has been awarded a RAD Season ‘Best Event’ accolade and has been rated as one of the Top 10 Best Drinking Festivals in the World.The Festival caught the attention of the awarding company which specialises in global adventure travel. In their citation of the event they stated, “This festival

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Barbados Mount Gay Rum Tour

Aaaah, Barbados. There’s nothing that we love more about the Caribbean than the culture and uniqueness of each island – Barbados especially. One thing that sets Barbados apart from most other Caribbean islands is the rum and the rum tours! More specifically, the Mount Gay Run Tours!   Mount Gay Rum Tours & Visitors Centre

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