Celebrating 15 Years of Designer Kristin Frazer’s Trèfle Designs

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Trèfle Designs has become an unstoppable international force thanks to Creative Director and owner Kristin Frazer and her aggressive approach to building her brand.

For fifteen years, Kristin Frazer has been the creative director and driving force behind the success of Trèfle Designs. As the owner and CEO the luxury swimwear brand, Frazer has taken her passions for design and turned it into a lucrative, international business that simultaneously celebrates her culture, but also the power and innovation of Black women. 

The Impetus for Trèfle Designs Began at Home

Born in Tortola, Kristin Frazer long held aspirations of becoming a fashion designer, inspired by her mother and grandmother, both of whom shared her passion for fabrics and textiles. Growing up in a large family surrounded by strong women, Frazer learned early on the value of dedication and the skills necessary to be an entrepreneur. The memories of her childhood remain indelibly imprinted in her mind, and they can be seen throughout her collections over the years, many of which include her trademark floral headdresses, flowing kaftans, and striking colors. The influences of her heritage combined with the rich hues seen throughout the country’s landscape and crystal blue water became and remain the backdrop to Trèfle Designs bold and dynamic styles. 

Striking Out and Earning Her Stripes in the Industry

Following her intentions to have a career in the fashion world, Kristin enrolled at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa, Florida, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design and Marketing. After graduating, Frazer interned for Carolina Herrera and BCBG Max Azria, learning the intricacies of design and execution, but also what the back office entails with running a successful business. Buoyed by this invaluable experience and the contacts made, Kristin formally launched Trèfle Designs in 2008 and immediately gained traction for creating a line of vibrant swimwear that exuded the rich culture and style of the Caribbean. Hailed as innovative, unique, and mesmerizing for its daring use of patterns and color, Trèfle Designs has been featured in several fashion shows internationally, including Miami Swim Week, one of the most important markets for luxury swimwear. Never one to rest on her laurels, Trèfle Designs has expanded into children’s apparel, menswear, accessories, and products for home – essentially evolving into a lifestyle brand. 

Passion Breeds Success 

In quick succession, Kristin Frazer and her Trèfle Designs have trailblazed a path to success that has become made a mark on the industry. In 2014, Frazer was awarded by Karib Nation the ‘Award of Excellence’ in Fashion and ‘Pioneer of the Year’ Award by the British Virgin Islands Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association. In September 2015, Trèfle Designs was named ‘Business of the Month’ by The BVI Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs. Soon, celebrities came calling, and to date, Frazer’s designs have been seen on Gabrielle Union, Angela Simmons, and Grammy winner and queen of pop, Beyoncé.  

Advocacy in the Community

In addition to running her own business, Frazer is dedicated to supporting the local artisans in the British Virgin Islands and serves as an advocate for sustainable fashion and efforts to protect the environment. Over the years and through Trèfle Designs, she has collaborated with other artists to create original handcrafted artwork that draws inspiration from her homeland and the cultures that resonates throughout.  Her community work also extends to beach clean-ups across the islands, motivational speaking at public and private schools, and mentoring a group of emerging fashion designers with aspirations of one day developing their own label. 

Through her 284 Foundation, the charitable arm of Frazer’s business, she has been able to nurture the creativity of the youth living within her community and helping them to realize their future dreams. The foundation grants arts education programs and presents scholarships to children from the ages of 6-18, assisting with workshops, access training, and internships within the region and internationally. 

Trefle Designs for the Future

After 15 successful years, Kristin Frazer has made good on her promise to become an international brand with worldwide appeal and her goals in the future include further expansion into luxury swimwear and accessories as well as home goods. By staying true to her principles and diligent work ethic, Frazer has inspired a generation of young women and entrepreneurs that wish to follow in her footsteps.