Clarks Originals x Popcaan: The Colossal Collaboration

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Clarks Originals has collaborated with Jamaican singer Popcaan to design a fresh Wallabee silhouette.

clarksorgionals and popcaan

In the contemporary footwear landscape, Clarks Originals has showcased a dedicated commitment to redefining the boundaries of design, employing its iconic Wallabee silhouette as a versatile canvas for unparalleled creative exploration. The enduring allure of Wallabee shoes has solidified its status as a timeless fashion staple, and Clarks Originals has astutely leveraged this iconic silhouette to embark on a journey of dynamic collaborations with influential personalities spanning diverse industries.

Among these notable partnerships are ventures with creative minds such as Vandy The Pink, Kurupt FM, and Stüssy. These past collaborations have not only brought fresh perspectives to the Wallabee but have also resulted in truly inventive designs that dominate city landscapes. The infusion of diverse styles and artistic visions from these collaborations has elevated the Wallabee beyond its traditional roots, making the footwear a symbol of innovation and cultural relevance.


Clarks and PopCaan Come Together in Ultimate Partnership

Building on the success of these collaborations, Clarks Originals continues to pioneer a new wave of creativity with its latest endeavor featuring Jamaican musician Popcaan. Renowned for his contributions to the dancehall genre, Popcaan brings a distinctive and offbeat sensibility to the collaboration, aligning seamlessly with Clarks Originals’ ethos of pushing boundaries and embracing uniqueness.

This fresh collaboration with Popcaan represents an exciting chapter in the evolution of the Wallabee. As a DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter, Popcaan has not only made waves in the music industry but has also carved a niche for himself as a trendsetter with a singular style. His bold approach to music and fashion aligns perfectly with Clarks Originals’ commitment to living outside the box and defying conventions.

By intertwining the cultural influence of Jamaican music with the classic silhouette of the Wallabee, this collaboration delivers a unique and distinctive product. The fusion of Popcaan’s progressive style with the timeless design of the Wallabee creates a footwear experience that transcends traditional boundaries and resonates with a diverse audience.

In essence, Clarks Originals’ venture with Popcaan symbolizes more than just a collaboration; it represents a convergence of artistic expressions, a celebration of individuality, and a continuation of the brand’s legacy in redefining classic footwear for the modern era. As the partnership unfolds, it invites enthusiasts and fashion connoisseurs to anticipate a refreshing blend of music, style, and craftsmanship, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing narrative of the Wallabee’s enduring legacy.

PopCaan Builds Upon a Legacy

Popcaan emerges as a standout figure in the vibrant and influential landscape of the dancehall genre. His journey to stardom traces back to the early 2010s when he first came to prominence via association with the legendary Vybz Kartel, a period that laid the groundwork for his later solo endeavors. As a solo artist, Popcaan showcased his exceptional talents and unique musical style that would set him apart in the dynamic world of dancehall.

A testament to his artistic excellence, Popcaan earned a prestigious Grammy Award nomination in the category of Best Reggae Album, and boasts the distinction of clinching two Jamaica Music Awards.

Popcaan has collaborated with internationally renowned musicians, notable among these include the likes of Drake, Jamie XX, Pusha T, and Giggs, demonstrating the global appeal of his musical prowess. His ability to seamlessly blend his Jamaican roots with diverse musical influences has expanded the reach of dancehall on the global stage.

Since aligning his talents with Drake’s OVO Sounds label in 2018, Popcaan has experienced a new chapter of growth and recognition that culminated in the release of his fifth studio album in 2023. This marked a milestone in Popcaan’s artistic journey and further solidified his position as a luminary in the ever-evolving landscape of dancehall music.


Popcaan and the Plush Life

Popcaan’s affinity for Clarks Originals is rooted in his history, from featuring in Kartel’s hit 2010 dancehall classic ‘Clarks’ to showcasing his preferred styles on Instagram. This collaboration manifests his distinctive style on the iconic Wallabee Boot, reconstructed for contemporary tastes. Using plush suede and a bold red-toned camo motif, Popcaan incorporates his ‘Unruly’ branding throughout, even on the insole, creating an exclusive pair. The contrasting black vamp, collar, and laces draw attention to the striking print, with additional logo accents reflecting the fusion of Popcaan’s musical creativity and Clarks’ craftsmanship.

Clarks Continues to Build on a Rich Legacy

Founded in 1852 by James and Cyrus Clark in Somerset, England, Clarks has evolved into a global footwear brand, operating across retail, wholesale, franchises, and online platforms in over 100 markets. With a rich archive of over 22,000 pairs, Clarks has played a pivotal role in defining generations, from the iconic Desert Boot in 1950 to the current street fave Wallabee.

Where can footwear aficionados find this latest collaboration?

The Clarks Originals x Popcaan collaboration is currently available for purchase online at, and it can also be found in various locations worldwide, including the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, China, Osaka, Tokyo, and Beijing.