Curly Girl Hair


Caribbean girls have always embraced their beautiful lush curls. But not every hair product out there has dedicated a hairline just for curly hair. Bumble and Bumble recently launched Bb.Curl, a line designed just for natural curls. Bb.Curl is infused with HydraSculpt Blend, a mix of Brazilian oils, and a curve-defining polymer. These products work on all curl patterns from waves, spirals, ringlets, corkscrews, and coils. Treat your natural curls to luxurious style.


Which Means: Springy curls that fall in an “S” pattern

Curl Cocktail: Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer + Defining Crème

Style Secret: Twist Out (for movement, hold, and texture)



Which Means: Straw-sized curls with volume

Curl Cocktail: Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer + Defining Crème+ Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil

Style Secret: Ribboning (for separation and frizz reduction)



Which Means: Tightly wound tresses that tend to shrink

Curl Cocktail: Custom Conditioner + Pre Style/Re-Style Primer + Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil

Style Secret: Bantu Knots (to define, and unfurl tight curls)

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