Dream, Explore, and Transform in Trinidad at the Annual NEW FIRE Festival

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NEW FIRE Festival is a transformational festival held in Trinidad and Tobago. The festival’s third edition takes place March 23-25, 2018 at the Ortinola Estate in St Joseph. NFF is an immersive adventure to create tomorrow’s world. Explore the beauty of zero waste living, live music, amazing visual art, camping under the stars, an enchanting marketplace, family fun, kid zone, workshops and more!


The NEW FIRE Festival is the flagship of the non- profit organisation Trinidad and Tobago Bridge Initiative (TTBI). One of the overarching objectives of TTBI is developing the culture, art and creative products of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, facilitating the development of a confident and resilient people with the ability to transform our society and to be a positive example to the rest of the world.

Our inaugural NEW FIRE Festival in 2016 drew an audience of young adults, families and outdoor enthusiasts, food and cultural connoisseurs, local artisans, entrepreneurs and sustainability stakeholders. Feedback from festival guests was extremely positive with persons saying, “It was truly an incredible weekend. Excellently organised!” A common sentiment in 2017 was that the experience was magical’ . In 2018 our theme is Dream, Explore, Transform. For three days, NEW FIRE Festival offers some of the best of our diverse musical talent and Caribbean Electronic Music DJs, art, dance, food, craft, yoga, play and camping; along with a variety of talks and workshops. We have special family and children’s activities and a separate family camping zone.


The festival is grounded in principles of ecological mindfulness and sustainability, demonstrating how we can develop and enjoy community while being environmentally responsible. Zero Waste means that single use plastics or other disposables will not be allowed on site. Festival goers, vendors, workshop facilitators and volunteers bring reusable items and ‘leave no trace’. We see NEW FIRE Festival as the premier outdoor music and sustainability experience in the Caribbean. NFF inspires and uplifts guests, celebrating our most positive human qualities in a spirit of love and oneness. This initiative is a trend setter in outdoor experiences, pioneering sustainable festivals in non-urban venues as tourism products in the Caribbean.

Festivals around the world can benefit their host territories both economically and intrinsically. In Scotland for example, reports suggest that the benefits of Edinburgh’s year-round festivals are worth more than £250m to the Scottish economy. NEW FIRE Festival is being developed to generate similar benefits from festival tourism for the Caribbean; these include job creation and niche market growth, creating opportunities for other businesses and communities and bridging geographic and underlying social divides.

You are invited to Dream, Explore, Transform at NEW FIRE Festival 2018. Discover a new world and experience a better you. Learn more about the festival on Facebook and Instagram @newfireworld or visit www.newfireworld.com.