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Fe Noel celebrated her 10th year in business during Caribbean Heritage Month on June 15 with the grand opening of her boutique Fe Noel Little Caribbean. The 900-square-foot space is located at 1133 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn N.Y. With the opening of her store In Crown Heights she is making a statement. It is a statement about her commitment to the community. The boutique reflects the vibrant culture of her Caribbean heritage and the local community. She not only wants the store to be a part of the community; she wants the community to be a part of the store. “I’m going to meet everyone and they’re going to influence how I do it and how I move forward.”

Fe Noel Little Caribbean is here to stay. It’s meant to grow and evolve. It’s meant to be interactive with the community. What it’s not supposed to be according to the designer is perfect. “I told someone this morning that I wasn’t trying to create something perfect. I want to show up as a work in progress.” From 12-6p friends and customers dropped in to enjoy the music, food, good vibes, and amazing pieces that were available. Many of the grand opening guests were wearing Fe Noel, and everyone wanted a selfie with the designer. We spotted fashion journalist Constance White looking posh as always. It was a great day for Fe Noel, fashion, and this Brooklyn community. Fortunately, we were able to have a quick chat with the designer about what Fe Noel Little Caribbean is all about.

Fe Noel Storefront/ photo credit R. Anthony Morrison

POSH: What was the inspiration behind opening the boutique, how important was it to you to do it here?

FE NOEL: It was important for me to come back to this neighborhood, and bring Fe Noel here. This is where I started, this is where the love is, and this is where home is. I wanted to show the people, in my actions that I’m gonna plant my feet here for them to enjoy, This is for them. We want to create this Eco-system where they feed into me, and I feed into them.

POSH: You recently did a collaboration with Target, do have plans for any other collaborations with similar price points?

FE NOEL: This location is my way of doing something that’s accessible to everybody, size-inclusive, and price inclusive. That’s what Little Caribbean is going to represent. So no, there’s no Target collaboration coming again. It was wonderful, and it opened my eyes to an entirely different world, and how many people really love what I do. I want to continue to create that accessibility with my brand.

POSH: Where would you like to take the brand over the next several years? Are there plans to make it more accessible in the Caribbean?

FE NOEL: Everywhere,  I want to go everywhere. My mission, what I have planned in my head is that I want to touch people  I want this to go global. So we’re starting here but this is just the beginning.