Find Your Perfect Beach in Antigua & Barbuda


The beautiful Caribbean Islands of Antigua and Barbuda have an incredible 365 beaches – one for every day of the year. With a perfect beach for everyone, travelers are often spoilt for choice, and so, with this in mind, the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority has created the ultimate beach personality test, to match visitors to their ideal stretch of sand.

Fitness fanatics, socialites, foodies, nature lovers and those looking for the most secluded corner of the island, this personality test helps to narrow down the ideal spot for a day at the beach. Questions include beach-goers ’ favourite seaside attire, contents of their beach bag, favourite tipple and what their idea of a perfect holiday would be…

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a crisp glass of champagne in between sun-tanning, a challenging hike before a refreshing swim, beach bars and local food vendors, a quiet spot to read a good book, or a natural oasis for snorkeling and bird watching, Antigua and Barbuda have it covered.  

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The Perfect Beach – Pigeon Point

The shiniest new hotel, the hottest bar, and the best beach for a touch of celeb-spotting, you’re a stylish traveler who enjoys adding an extra bit of sparkle to their vacation. Popular with yachties and A-listers looking for a quiet escape, Antigua offers a retreat but with a generous helping of glamour. Pigeon Point in English Harbour is in the heart of the action and might just be the perfect beach for you. With endless white sand and wispy palms, Pigeon Point is one of the top locations on the island for chic beach bars and restaurants – Club Sushi, Catherine’s Café and South Point are all within walking distance for a sophisticated respite in between tanning, swimming and spotting celebrities behind your big sunglasses.


The Perfect Beach – Dickenson Bay

With black pineapple, fresh mango, mahi-mahi, and red snapper, the island of Antigua is a Caribbean hot spot for foodies. You’re always on the lookout for a delicious local eatery, a laid-back beach bar where the rum is flowing, or a glamourous restaurant with epic views. Your ideal beach is Dickenson Bay – one of the island’s best beaches for relaxing, swimming, and enjoying a long lunch in between sampling local snacks and topping up your pina colada. We recommend checking out Coconut Grove, a delicious spot that can be found nestled in tropical gardens. For foodies looking for mid-morning brunch, we recommend the Antiguan breakfast – okra, saltfish, and fried plantain – yum! Visible from the western side of the beach is Antigua’s only floating bar ‘Kon Tiki’ which is a delicious pitstop for a rum punch, if you’re willing to swim out to get it


The Perfect Beach – Great Bird Island

Sunsets, flowers and crashing waves – it doesn’t get better than an Antiguan beach holiday where you can soak up the sunshine and the raw natural beauty of this Caribbean Island paradise. As well as tropical rainforests and beautiful mountains, Antigua is home to spectacular islands that can be reached with a short boat ride – perfect for nature lovers looking for an off-radar beach day. Great Bird Island offers beautiful turquoise seas which are perfect for snorkeling and spotting a myriad of rainbow-coloured fish, a steep climb to see a natural blowhole, and the world’s only population of the Antiguan Racer Snake – a harmless and beautiful reptile that calls this island home. Keep your camera handy for sightings of the West Indian Whistling Duck, the magnificent Frigate Bird, the Brown Pelican and the Red-Billed Tropic Bird. Bring a packed lunch and your reusable water bottle and spend a day exploring this secret island.


The Perfect Beach – Seaforth Beach

When your Out of Office is on, it’s because you’re looking to get away from it all. With a good book and a wide-brimmed hat for napping under, you’re looking for a beach where you can spend a peaceful day in the company of nothing but palm trees and gentle waves. We recommend Seaforth Beach.  Though not as easy to get to, for those willing to walk the 30-minute trek off the beaten path, jump in an off-road vehicle, or even hire a boat, this beach will not disappoint. Expect soft white sand, palm trees that bend towards the turquoise waters, and the melody of birds and tree frogs, this is a secluded spot perfect for a touch of much-needed escapism.


The Perfect Beach – Rendezvous Bay

Holidays aren’t just about lying on a beach soaking up the rays – you want to make the most of a trip and there’s no better way than a brisk hike, a long swim, or a spot of yoga. A great adventure awaits those who decide to take the hiking trail to Rendezvous Bay from Wallings Nature Reserve.  On this advanced hike, you will see lush flora, fauna, and amazing views of Antigua. On arrival, beachgoers are rewarded with a dip in the crystal-clear waters. Bring your yoga mat and enjoy a well-earned stretch on this serene corner of the island.

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