Gizelle Riley has the Shine Blueprint

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What if you could get clarity on your purpose and attract the right people to your business? Sounds like a dream come true, right? Jamaican-born media-maven Gizelle Riley makes that a reality for trailblazing women across the globe with her signature coaching programme Shine Blueprint.

With over a decade of communication expertise behind her name, this eclectic bella is living in her purpose as a digital brand coach — empowering women to find their voice, shine online and monetize their gifts.

‘Women are magic. It’s important that we claim our power. Once we discover our zone of genius we can do anything. This includes living a purposeful life, having an outstanding brand and running a successful business. It’s time to sow our seeds of greatness and pull the trigger on our dreams.’

Gizelle has one of those warm and infectious personalities that instantly captivate you. You also quickly realize that she’s a soulful woman with business acumen critical for this digital age. She believes that women can attract the right opportunities on a personal and professional level with effective storytelling.

We recently had a chat with this internationally published ladypreneur where she shared the importance of having a brand story as well as storytelling tips aspiring bossbabes can use for their online branding.

‘Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room’ –  Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos

Whether you work at a nine-to-five, run your own business or have side hustles, the one thing you need to keep in mind is this — you are your business. So, why not control the narrative?

Your brand story is the most important tool in your marketing arsenal. It is the WHY of what you do that displays both your values and authority to the world. It’s the reason why environmentalists will likely purchase a Toyota Prius and why people who value prestige and technological innovation go crazy for Apple products. The values of each company and authority in their niche are so clear that it attracts their ideal clients.

Stories matter because people tend to make purchases and pursue professional associations based on emotions — it’s called the KNOW-LIKE-TRUST factor. Sharing a relatable brand journey that touches people enforces your vision and helps cultivate loyal followers which may then be converted into mutually beneficial partnerships and clients. It also builds your confidence as a brand as well as credibility and consistency in your messaging because you know exactly what you stand for and who you serve.

You’re being Googled

Social media has changed the landscape for brand storytelling. It requires us to be more open, authentic yet strategic in our communications. Every status update adds to your personal brand.

A great story is memorable, connects people, builds loyalty, and stands out. Before you hit ‘publish’ on your next post, here are some things to keep in mind in order to share a relatable brand story:

Be authentic. People can tell if something is fabricated. Dive deep and be real. Everyone has a story. Your unique tale will make an impact to the right people if each message highlights your core values. A way to determine what these are is by writing a list of words that offer a good account of what you value — words like honesty, fairness, strategy, excitement and high-quality are a few examples.

Know your ideal client. Your brand story isn’t all about you — it’s about who you intend to serve. Create an avatar of your ideal client and conduct research to identify their purchasing behaviour and personality. When you become intimately acquainted with your target audience you’ll be able to craft targeted messages that resonate with them.

Highlight your value. Let people know the worth of what you’re offering. Oftentimes this means telling people the transformation or benefits they will have when they engage with your brand. Say for instance you’re an event planner, you can share testimonials from happy clients in some of your storytelling campaigns.

Your brand story is like an onion — it has layers. It’s the collection of experiences that make you an epic and authentic human. However, crafting one does not need to be a daunting experience. It could be anything from the mundane to the amazing…it’s all there inside of you.

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