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Introducing the inaugural Caribbean POSH ICON WOMAN Awards Entrepreneurship and Business Excellence  category!

Introducing the inaugural Caribbean POSH ICON WOMAN Awards Entrepreneurship and Business Excellence  category! We are thrilled to invite you to explore and get familiar with all the incredible nominees in this category. These talented individuals

Introducing the inaugural Caribbean POSH ICON WOMAN Awards Entrepreneurship and Business Excellence  category! We are thrilled to invite you to explore and get familiar with all the incredible nominees in this category. These talented individuals have made significant contributions to the arts and culture scene in the Caribbean region. We encourage you to follow them, get to know their work, and join us in celebrating their achievements. Let’s shine a spotlight on these remarkable women who are shaping and enriching the artistic landscape of the Caribbean.
Join us in St Thomas, United States Virgin Islands on June 28, 2024, at the Harbor 360 in Yacht Haven Grand. For ticket details and more information, make sure to visit our event website. Let’s come together and honor these remarkable women in style!

Sha-nae Allman

Sha-nae is an acclaimed, sought after, award winning Hairstylist and Trichologist known for her unparalleled expertise, professionalism and artistic styling in the realm of hairstyling with a deep passion for hair care.

Domiciled in Barbados but with international reach, Sha-Nae possesses over 10 years of experience in the hair care industry. The trained Hair Loss Practitioner with the American Medical Association and Certified Trichologist marries her distinct reputation for her exceptional skills in crafting unique and trendsetting hairstyles with her passion for hair care. Sha-Nae has trained with International Hairstylists such as Angel Robinson, Gillian Garcia, Patrick Bradly and Hullema Reddick, just to name a few.

This visionary woman of God is the proud business owner of Image by Sha-Nae, a highly sought-after salon where her clients are considered her extended family. Sha-Nae is also the owner of Care Trichology Clinic and Image Hair Care, a line of specially curated products for persons with scalp conditions, while juggling other unrelated businesses.

Following her journey that began from a childhood passion, Sha-Nae has honed her craft through a keen eye for detail and relentless pursuit of self-development, which allows her to stay at the cutting edge of the styling and hair care industry.

Sha-Nae’s unwavering passion for service excellence keeps her at the forefront of the hairstyling world where her team continually redefine industry standards.

Sha-Nae’s exceptional talent behind the chair landed her the Barbados Hairstylist of the Year award in 2022. A mentor to many, Sha-Nae represents the epitome of professionalism and excellence within the industry with the power to not only transform women through mastery of hair styling, but ignites their confidence and drive to go after success.

Avalon Gomez

Avalon Gomez is a change agent dedicated to innovation and community empowerment, renowned as a Brand Marketer, Entrepreneur, and influential voice in Women’s Empowerment.

With over 12 years of experience in marketing and entertainment, she launched her career as one of Trinidad & Tobago’s pioneering female promoters before establishing her own marketing firm, Avelle Brand Management.

Avalon specializes in event and brand marketing, guiding brands to Create, Communicate & Motivate effectively and has worked with Brands such as the US Embassy, Nadia Batson, FrontlineTicketing NYC, UWI, and CRMA to name a few. She is deeply passionate about fostering community, culture, and empowering youth and women. As a multi-hyphenated entrepreneur, Avalon balances her professional

pursuits with hobbies like reading, mentorship, and Nigerian movies. She has been honored as a Global Young Leader at age 19, Covid-19 Hero, Forty under 40 Influencer for 2023 & 2024, and CaribBiz Network 150 Boss Lady for 2023 & 2024.

Avalon’s expertise has been featured in prominent media outlets locally and internationally including Newsday, Express, Women’s Magazine, CNC3, TTT, ACM Caribbean, GIRLfessionals Florida, CRMA, and CAVASRebel LA.

Trisha Sarah Bowen

Crisha Sarah Bowen is an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur. As an entrepreneur she runs her businesses Purpose Diaries LLC and Crisha Sarah Bowen Career Lifestyle with the sole purpose of helping people she interacts with to uncover their true potential and monetize it through building online course businesses.

A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Crisha has been able to build a border less online business which allows her to serve clients locally and internationally using her personal experiences to craft a message that inspires others to live boldly and confidently in purpose.

As a former Human Resource professional, Crisha has used all of her life skills to now help others live the life they love and love the life the live on purpose. Founder of the vibrant social media movement Purpose Diaries, and author of the same-titled book Purpose Diaries how to Activate Your Faith and Experience Success on Your Own Terms, Crisha has been able to use her story of pushing past all types of painful experiences in life to extract the lesson, unlock the power in it and passionately pursue purpose. She believes you can make a decision to style your life and pain can either be used for pity or for purpose.

Crisha is the COO of Atlanta USA based multi-million dollar coaching and education company Win The Day Group where she manages the staff, integrates ideas, coaches, and spear heads client fulfillment for all programs. You will find her loudly championing others to feel the pain and free it, learn the lesson and teach it.

Jodi Covington

Jodi Covington is a dynamic leader, entrepreneur, and visionary with a passion for driving organizational growth and social impact. As the CEO of The Brand Development Group, Jodi brings over a decade of experience in strategic marketing, public relations, and brand management to her role. She holds dual Master’s degrees in Marketing and Public Relations, complementing her innate talent for crafting compelling narratives and engaging with diverse audiences.

Prior to founding The Brand Development Group, Jodi served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Ubersoca Cruise, where she played a pivotal role in shaping the brand’s identity and driving exponential growth in attendance and revenue. Her innovative marketing strategies and commitment to customer engagement contributed to Ubersoca Cruise becoming one of the premier events in the Caribbean entertainment industry. She has also worked with CariGenetics, Bermuda Mental Health Foundation, Buju Banton, Shop Buju Banton, Jet Blue and has been featured on The Breakfast Club, Essence Magazine, The Black Enterprise, Lifetime Television, and more.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Jodi is a passionate advocate for social justice and community empowerment. She has dedicated her time and expertise to supporting cases such as Maurica Marcano, Sherman Nealy, and the Miya Marcano Foundation, where she successfully lobbied for changes to laws in the states of Florida and Georgia to enhance safety measures for vulnerable populations. Jodi’s advocacy efforts have had a tangible impact on improving the lives of individuals and families affected by the tragedy.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep sense of purpose, Jodi continues to lead The Brand Development Group in delivering innovative solutions and driving positive change in the world. Her strategic vision, creative thinking, and unwavering dedication to her craft make her a transformative leader in the field of marketing and communications.

Lisa Lindo-Dival

We all know what makes a fabulous event… great cocktails, and excellent service. Open Bar Hospitality is one of New York’s premier bar catering firms. Open Bar Hospitality was established by Lisa Lindo in 2000, who worked as an event planner in the fashion and entertainment industry; along with her husband, who is a renown mixologist with over ten plus years of experience.

Based in New York, Open Bar Hospitality provides crafted cocktails around the tri-state area. Some of today’s top fashion retailers, celebrities, and corporate clients call on Open Bar Hospitality for bar catering and event staffing. All of our staff are screened, interviewed, trained, and carefully selected; ensuring only qualified team members will be available for your events.

Shana Cole

Sushana Cole aka Shana is a serial entrepreneur, Mom, Author, OVERCOMER and Commerce Coach. She has been in the entrepreneurial space for over a decade. Sushana started out in the beauty industry and then took her talents to different areas. Now she shares her knowledge of the business world and life with women all over the world through my courses, mentorship, and community. “It is a fulfillment for me to serve and give back to my Community. I am just out here doing everything I wish was done for me and contributing to help break barriers.” – said Shana

Tiphanie Smith-Mclynch

As the Founder and CEO of JTM Wholistic Care with the brand Self Care @ Tiphanie’s, she has successfully carved her niche in the manufacturing and distribution of premium hair, skincare, and aromatherapy products. Her commitment to quality and a deep understanding of cosmetic formulating and manufacturing has propelled her brand to the forefront of the industry and has garnered her accolades and recognition as an industry expert. Tiphanie’s pursuits don’t end there – as the Managing Director of Denmar Construction, she showcases versatility in steering the growth of diverse ventures.

Tiphanie’s journey is a testament to her multifaceted talents and relentless pursuit of excellence. With a background in registered nursing and cosmetic manufacturing skills, she brings a unique blend of compassion and expertise to her endeavors. Her passion for self-care extends beyond products; it’s a philosophy that she embodies and seeks to share with the world.

An avid reader with a love for nature, the beach holds a special place in Tiphanie’s heart. It is amidst the waves and the sun-kissed sands that she finds inspiration to continually evolve into the best version of herself. This dedication to personal growth is not just a personal ethos but a cornerstone of her business philosophy.

Beyond the boardroom, Tiphanie aspires to share her wisdom and motivation through the pages of her motivational book “Blue Hands: A Walk With Death Awakens Purpose”, which has also given birth to her motivational speaking career. Through ‘Blue Hands,’ Tiphanie unveils the raw beauty of her journey, revealing moments of vulnerability, triumph, and relentless determination. Her words serve as a guiding light, igniting the flames of passion and purpose within each reader. Drawing from her diverse experiences, she weaves wisdom into every page, empowering individuals to embrace self-care, resilience, and the pursuit of their dreams.

Her dreams extend to the global arena as she aims to scale her business, achieve financial independence, and indulge in the joy of traveling with loved ones.

In conclusion, Tiphanie’s story is one of resilience, passion, and a relentless pursuit of personal and professional excellence.

Allison Dunn


Allison Dunn is a seasoned entrepreneur, author, and advocate for women’s empowerment. She is dedicated to serving her community by mentoring women and helping them find joy and purpose in their lives.

Allison’s many business accomplishments have been featured on Fox 5’s Emmy Award-winning special television series, “Caribbean in the City,” in print in the New York Post, NewsBreak, Travel Noire, The Infatuation, and the Amsterdam News. Her cafe, Hibiscus Brew, was nominated by Refinery 29 for “99 Days of Design,” a program working to empower small businesses through graphic design support. NewsBreak called the cafe a “pandemic success story” while The Jamaica Gleaner described it as “an adorable, tropical cafe…paradise in the middle of a concrete jungle.”

A Black woman hailing from Jamaica, Allison has a deep entrepreneurial spirit, and has been able to shapeshift her business pursuits following the various economic and societal challenges over the years. After working at an investment firm and then as a marketer in an architectural firm, Allison set her sights on her own business ventures. She launched a home organizing consultation business, Neat Rules authored a popular children’s book based on the lifelong skill of organization, Khison is Having Company, and most recently launched her thriving restaurant cafe, Hibiscus Brew. Allison is proud to consider her cafe as a community meeting spot where she can share healthy habits, help build friendships, and provide nutritious and beneficial foods and beverages to her neighborhood customers.

In addition to her impressive entrepreneurial journey, Allison has received recognition and certifications for her outstanding contributions. She has been honored with the Certificate of Recognition by Mayor Eric Adams from the City of New York, a State of New York Legislative Resolution from Senator Parker, and the Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from Member of Congress, Yvette Clarke. Furthermore, she is a certified mentor for SCORE and for Goldman Sachs Black in Business Program.

With over twelve years of experience as a creative marketing professional, Ayisha Thompson, Creative Director of Envision Creative A.R.T, has helped several businesses discover and develop innovative brand identities.

As a college graduate by age 20, Ayisha began her career in the Fashion Industry as a Marketing Associate for a luxury fashion designer on NY’s famous Fashion Ave. A quick learner who thrived for challenges, Ayisha quickly advanced and became the firm’s youngest executive at age 22, obtaining the title of Chief Marketing Officer.

Ayisha Thompson

After several years of working as a freelance designer, Ayisha officially launched Envision Creative A.R.T (ECA): A Visual Marketing Firm in 2017 to offer her services to a broader range of clients nationwide. Through her diverse level of experience working in various industries, Ayisha has mastered the craft of supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs with design and brand marketing services. With Ayisha’s support, clients develop strategic and impactful brands that speak to their target audience, increase their brand awareness, and deliver captivating content that converts leads into sales.

Halima Roebuck


Miss Halima Roebuck, also known as Lima Roe, is a highly accomplished individual hailing from the beautiful island of St. Croix, to the parents Maria Encarnacion and Harold Roebuck. With an unwavering passion for music and an extraordinary stage presence, her journey began at the tender age of eight.

Throughout her formative years, Miss Halima Roebuck showcased her exceptional talents by participating in numerous pageants across the islands. Her remarkable ability to captivate audiences led to several notable achievements, including being crowned Festival Princess in 1994-1995. Additionally, she secured the title of Miss American Paradise Junior High School; I’m Every Woman and Queen of the House. She placed runner-ups in Miss Jabberwok 95-96, Miss Elena Christian Jr High school 1999 and 1st Runner up Miss St.Croix 2003-2004. These early successes served as a testament to her natural abilities and set the stage for a remarkable career in the entertainment industry.

Miss Halima Roebuck’s educational journey was marked by excellence and a commitment to personal growth. She attended esteemed public schools on the islands, including Alfredo Andrews Elementary School, Pearl B Larsen Elementary School, Elena Christian Junior High School, and Saint Croix Educational Complex High School. Driven by a thirst for knowledge and determined to excel in her chosen field, Miss Halima Roebuck pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting at the prestigious University of the Virgin Islands. In 2012 she joined JKC Communications (Isle 95), where she has been an integral part of the radio team. After honing her skills and gaining invaluable experience in the radio industry, Miss Halima Roebuck embarked on a new venture by establishing 101.3 Roe FM WEVI, a locally owned and operated radio station.

Positioned as the latest addition to the vibrant radio landscape of the Virgin Islands, Roe FM serves both the US and British Virgin Islands. Miss Halima Roebuck, the visionary behind the station, firmly believes in the power of the Virgin Islands community and its ability to uplift and inspire. Rather than becoming discouraged by setbacks or obstacles, she maintains a positive outlook, recognizing that every occurrence unfolds as it should and that blessings will never elude those who remain steadfast. Through Roe FM, Miss Halima Roebuck aims to create a platform that not only entertains but also showcases the immense talent and creativity of the Virgin Islands. By providing a space for local artists and musicians to shine. Miss Halima Roebuck remains dedicated to her vision of providing a platform that celebrates the unique musical heritage of the Virgin Islands. Through her unwavering commitment and passion, she endeavors to shape Roe FM into a driving force within the local community, fostering a sense of pride, unity, and artistic appreciation among its listeners.

Kenty Lichtenberg

Kenty Lichtenberg is a dynamic individual whose passion for storytelling, marketing, and brand strategy has propelled her into the forefront of the digital landscape after completing her BA in Tourism & Leisure. As a blogger, marketer, and brand strategist, she has dedicated herself to empowering individuals and businesses to unlock their full potential and achieve their goals.

With a background in marketing and communications, Kenty possesses a keen understanding of consumer behavior, market trends, and the power of compelling storytelling. Her journey began as a Marketer & Operations Officer, where she discovered the transformative impact of sharing her thoughts, experiences, and insights with the world. Later on in 2016, er blog Kerai Kreative Style was born, she has connected with audiences globally, inspiring them to embrace authenticity, self-discovery, and personal growth.

Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Kenty transitioned her passion of marketing & branding to the blogging platform. She has worked with a diverse range of clients and over 200 well renown brands (from Pfizer to Bacardi), from startups to Fortune 500 companies, helping them define their brand

identity, craft compelling narratives, and engage with their target audiences effectively. Her strategic approach combines creativity, data-driven insights, and a deep understanding of consumer psychology to deliver measurable results and drive business growth.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kenty is committed to giving back to her community and empowering the next generation of leaders. She volunteers her time to mentor aspiring bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs, sharing her knowledge and expertise to help them navigate the complexities of the digital landscape.

With her boundless creativity, strategic mindset, and unwavering dedication to excellence, Kenty Lichtenberg continues to make a lasting impact in the world of blogging, marketing, and brand strategy, inspiring others to pursue their passions and create meaningful change not only in the Caribbean Region but also in the world.

Saelese Haynes

Saelese is a serial entrepreneur, Author, Corporate and Commercial Attorney-at-Law, and Motivational Speaker. She enjoys helping fellow entrepreneurs build strong, compliant and successful businesses, which meshes well with her background as an Attorney-at-Law practicing primarily in the fields of Corporate and Commercial Law.

In addition, she believes that business owners should take a proactive approach to minimizing legal and other risks in their enterprises. It is her life’s goal to find a perfect synergy between the professional and creative sides to her personality.

She is a strong advocate for the need for increased female empowerment in society and encourages those around her to use their voices to shake things up. She is a 40 under 40 National Service Youth Influencer and continuously uses her social platforms to highlight business and personal development projects for or by young women in business.
As a very solution-oriented individual, this year she is focused on building her legacy as one of impact and is determined to create and curate opportunities for leveling up within her community.

Sheinia Morgan

I am an  Author|  Aesthetician | Entrepreneur |Founder : Brunch with Bosses Event who loves to empower entrepreneurs and help them to THRIVE!  I always tell my potential business owners during our first discovery that if you like to HAVE FUN {+ a few laughs} while making a BIG IMPACT in your business you have met your match! In 2020 after I lost my job working in the corporate industry. I wish I could say that the path to becoming the CEO of my own business was a momentous celebration that wasn’t always easy. While it hasn’t been easy – it has been rewarding. I am excited because I am an Author and Educator in primary schools and has reached this milestone encourage a life that fills me with so much passion is rewarding. The entrepreneur lifestyle also provides me the ability to live out my WHY – freedom, flexibility, and travel Being an example to my daughter is what keeps me moving forward. I want her to see the good in the world and learn how she can contribute. I believe as parents, we have the ability to demonstrate philanthropy by being a civically engaged leader in our immediate community, and beyond! Since starting my business in 2020, I have had to pivot a few times . My journey has taken many twists and turns. I have added services and let go of service lines that no longer inspire me. For instance, I started my business in 2020 highlighting just hand sanitizer . At that time, that was an easy formulation for me to sell local suppliers during the pandemic. Since that time, I have highlighted and honed my talent and skills in other areas today, I focus on a handful of products and services that truly inspire me and allow me to tap into my genius zones.
The first thing that sets me apart is, of course, our product. Tbeauty Skin add so many natural oils benefits to a long, detailed list of the cleanse products can be found on our instagram page .Tbeauty Skin not only add quality products but because of their absorbent properties, they also regulate the body’s absorption making energy and healthy skin last longer. When I started this business, all I had was the desire to share the luxury skincare benefits of tbeauty skin and the idea to do that through my skincare line . Being completely new to the skincare industry has been the main challenge throughout this journey, but I don’t feel it’s a big setback. I’ve had to do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions, but figuring out how to grow my business has been exhilarating despite the challenges. One thing I’ve learned is that every setback is a lesson, and it’s important to focus on what to learn from every experience. I also had great faith in God and myself, and with the inspiration of wanting to be a great example for my kids, I kept going. I’ve learned that everything is solvable if you don’t give up, and if you keep your eyes up and open for lessons, teachers, and opportunities. The teachers kept appearing at the right time, and I finally got onto store shelves of major retailers in the middle of 2021. I also have a love for the support I get from Dark Star Production , Mr. Oliver owner of  Oliver Pharmacy, and the SDC ( Social Development Commission) manager Ms.Gooden which has encourage me as an entrepreneur to access its services through support programme until I decided to host my own event called ” Brunch with Bosses” and writing my own book The Beauty Entrepernuer’s Handbook dedicated to my daughter tatiana who continues to inspire me and teenagers to teach the future generation of young entrepernuer’s what it takes to start your own beauty brand that will help them to create that entrepernuer mindset. I have to add that it’s very important to me that we respect and support the local business of my beautiful country ! One of my favorite thing to do as an entrepreneur is to attend business seminars and network.

Yasmine Bedward

Yasmine Bedward is an award-winning celebrity Social Media Manager and founder of the Bedward Branding Agency. With over a decade of experience in Creative Digital Marketing, Yasmine is on a mission to infuse online spaces with more creativity, vulnerability and intentionality.


Caribbean POSH is a platform dedicated to celebrating and empowering Caribbean women. Our mission is to highlight the achievements, talents, and resilience of Caribbean women, while providing a supportive community that encourages personal growth and success. Join us in creating a brighter future for all.


Caribbean POSH is a platform dedicated to celebrating and empowering Caribbean women. Our mission is to highlight the achievements, talents, and resilience of Caribbean women, while providing a supportive community that encourages personal growth and success. Join us in creating a brighter future for all.

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