Jenna-Monét Queeley – VI Female Model of the Year


Jenna-Monét Queeley is an aspiring model and forensic pathologist from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. We love her already in her quest to define beauty and brains. Winner of the VI Model of the Year Competition female division, the annual modeling competition that takes place on the island of St. Croix has provided the young model with an amazing platform.

Brief Background

Growing up in St. Croix, Jenna-Monét had quite an interesting and adventurous childhood.  The 21 year old model who also has roots in St.Kitts and Nevis cherishes a childhood that consisted of riding bikes, visiting castles, horseback riding, picking mangoes in the rain forests, swimming at Cane Bay, dance recitals, and participating in the local festival.

Jenna enjoyed the typical childhood of a young, fun-loving girl living in an island such as the beautiful St. Croix. Today, adult Jenna who now lives in Florida — loves makeup, food, traveling, and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

When it comes to her childhood, the Virgin Island native would not trade her experience for anything else in the world. Growing up on the island has made Jenna confident, strong, and determined. It has also helped shape her into the ambitious, hard-working young woman she has become today.

Jenna-Monét’s Career


Armed with confidence, physical appearance, and determination, Jenna pursued a career as a model with the hopes of becoming a top Caribbean model on the international stage. She is passionate about modeling and confident to represent the Virgin Islands proudly.

Her passion and confidence is what led her to participate in the VI model competition. This is an experience that Jenna has described as an awesome one. She did not only participate in the competition, but she was also in the first-ever St. Croix Style Fashion Week. This has opened the door for her to meet world-class fashion Moguls such as Stacey McKenzie, Sandi Bass and many amazing designers.

According to Jenna herself, participating in the VI model competition also gave her an in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry. It helped her understand that networking and marketing are necessary tools to have in her chosen career path. She gained more style and techniques on her runway and left with more confident strides.

“I’ve gained more knowledge of the fashion industry, that networking or socializing and marketing yourself is a very important. I’ve also gained more techniques on my runway, a stronger, more confident stride thanks to International Runway Coach, Alva Page.”

Jenna is much more than just a pretty face. In addition to modeling, becoming a forensic pathologist is another dream this hardworking model is passionate about. She gives herself to academics the same way she’s given herself to becoming a great model. Smart that she has a second career, which serves as her back up plan to success.

Inspiration as a Model

Growing up in the VI, Jenna looked up to and was inspired by Davina Bennett. Davina was the 2nd runner up in the 2017 Miss Universe competition and is from the Caribbean. Jenna is inspired by her confidence and her drive for change in her community. Her most admired Caribbean designer is Andrea Wilson, designer of The Islander Swim Collection.

Jenna hopes to work with Phillips Plein and looks forward to the thrill and experience of working for an international designer. She would also love to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and one day appear on the cover of Vogue Magazine. She aspires to walk in the New York/Paris Fashion week, meet Zendaya Coleman, and of course, be an international model.

Jenna-Monét’s greatest strength as a model is her confidence. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you would know that confidence is one of the most important attributes needed in modeling. It dictates how your stride looks on the runway and how beautiful your pictures will turn out. Jenna is known to be receptive to constructive criticism and is willing to get better at her runway strides and do everything she can to become a supermodel.

Jenna-Monét’s Fashion and Beauty Tips

Jenna has carved out a niche for herself as a fashionista with her unique style. She is in love with neon-colored clothing, which seems to be trending these days. However, we know that she doesn’t limit herself to trendy looks, she basically just does her own thing!

“I’m more of a unique style fashionista; I like to look different, not following trends doing my own thing.”

She is a naturalista, and she uses all Design Essential Products to enhance her signature afro. Her beauty regime is not hidden from the rest of the world, she simply drinks a lot of water, moisturizes every night and exfoliates her skin every other day.

Jenna believes that fashion is a way to express yourself and make personal fashion statements. Fashion to her is also a way to set trends and styles. Fashion is so important, and it makes the world go round. She’s inspired by fashion in all its forms, and she lives for fashion. This young rising model is determined to persevere through all obstacles, no matter the difficulty. She has willed her future self to be propelled and be strengthened to continue in her journey to stardom.

She was recently presented with a contract offer from STATE Management Modeling Agency in NYC. With her amazing look, confidence, and determination, Jenna-Monét Queeley is one hard-working young lady to watch out for in the near future.

When asked about a promise her current self would give to her future self, Jenna said,

“I would promise myself now that my future would appreciate is to persevere through all obstacles no matter the difficulty. I believe, that my future self would be propelled and be strengthened to continue on in my journey through life.”