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Rising singer-songwriter Jimmy October drops an intoxicating visual for his brand new second single “Rum & Calypso”. October hails from the small Caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago – the musical and cultural hub that is home to the steel pan, arguably the best Carnivals in the world, and the birthplace of Calypso and Soca music (the latter is commemorating its 50th anniversary this year).

His celebratory song “Rum & Calypso,” produced by Tano & Brooklyn Decent, boasts the island’s pulsating rhythms mixed with R&B, Afrobeats and Dancehall and pays homage to another one of the island’s treasures – its famed spirits beverage. 

Watch Jimmy October’s “Rum & Calypso” video (directed by Shari Petti).

With October’s native melodies at the baseline, his seamless multi-genre blend is a window into Trinidad & Tobago’s new sound. Jimmy October’s forward fusion of music is reimagining what Calypso sounds and looks like for the next generation. This fluidity shows in his style and sound. 

October explains that ” ‘Rum & Calypso’ is me pushing the New Calypso sound a bit further. I’m blurring the lines between these genres that continue to inspire me. I’m always trying to find dope ways to make music that feels like home, while at the same time build a world around what I think the future of the Caribbean feels like and sounds like.”

“There’s a particular feeling that Tano, Brooklyn Decent and I were going for when we were making this record. It was that late 90’s and early 2000’s era when I heard “Girls Dem Sugar” from Beenie Man & Mya or “Like Glue” from Sean Paul. It is a still a feeling that lingers in me. That’s the vibrations we’re sending out to the universe with this one,” he adds.

Jimmy October will continue to drop new singles throughout the summer in preparation for his forthcoming sophomore EP slated for release later this year. “Rum & Calypso” is available now on all platforms via Ineffable Records.