Joseph Abboud: NYFW Mens FW 2019 – A Coming to America Tribute

Fashion Shows
NYFW Mens began it’s run of shows on February 4th. Designer Joseph Abboud presented his collection at a venue on the South Street Seaport. Abboud’s FW 2019 collection paid tribute to the early 20th century immigrants who came through Ellis Island. Abboud took his inspired from the words etched onto the Statue of Liberty. A simple but powerful statement:  Give Me Your Poor, Your tired, Your huddled masses yearning to breath free. It’s a phrase that speaks to what he has worked hard to create. For more than 30 years he has created American made clothing for all kinds of American men.
This collection reflects the ideals and hopes of people who arrived at Ellis Island. It is a look back at how they arrived to begin the new life of possibilities. The collection reflects the multitude of stories and experience these immigrants brought with them. This aspect of history is reflected in the collections textures, patterns and colors. The collection exudes a sense of style that is honest and genuine. It’s a sensibility that existed before the onset of “fast fashion”. Clothes were made to last and were often handed down from father to son, and older child to younger child. Abboud creates these juxtapositions of color and texture effortlessly and does it with a flair that is uniquely current.  The collection offers a look back in time to an expression of quiet dignity, style and pragmatism. It is a story still being told by those who seek a better life and still look to those words etched onto the statue on Ellis Island.