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  • What was the inspiration for your collection?    The clothing line, Mamayashi Collection was inspired out of wanting to create modern and lively options for culturally aware yet fashionable people. To inspire creativity and ancestral reflections through garments. The current collection at comis called Egun, referring to the Yoruba word for ancestor. These pieces are a tribute to African heritage and spirituality.


  • What do you love the most about what you do?   That’s hard because I love so much of what I do! I actually decided years ago to live by love, survive and thrive out of pure love. so everything I do I love it. Everything that’s gets manifested is out of love so it just keeps getting better and better.  If I had to choose one thing, it would be the expression. I love bringing new ideas to life from my mind’s eye, and seeing people so happy to be able to wear them.

  • How long have you been in fashion design and how did you get started? I have been designing my clothes most of life, growing up around my father who was a tailor. However, I started selling my designs online 13 years ago as a new stay at home mom, involved in the online natural hair community. They were my first customers and are still supporting today.


  • What is the meaning behind Mamayashi? Yashi is a shortened version of my middle name, and the mama got added to it because of my hands on approach to raising my boys. I usually I have them, or now mostly the only youngest with me while travelling and doing events. Also, I definitely have a mama energy, I like to take care of people, feed them and make sure they are well.


  • How would you describe your personal style does it differ at all from the clothing you design?    My personal style is definitely the clothing I design. I love every piece and given the opportunity would happily wear it all 🙂 I like to have a varied style, so I have feminine dresses, flexible pants, bright colours, earthy tones, roots pieces, elegance, practicality, versatility, whimsy, militancy, freedom & creativity. I’m bringing all of it.


  • Your originally from Jamaica but living in NYC now? I was born in Jamaica, raised and schooled in New York and now based in Jamaica again with my family.