While waiting for the start of the Romeo Hunte show, POSH had a chance to talk with some of the front row attendees. Moana Luu has recently joined Essence magazine as Chief Content & Creative Officer. We had a talk with her about fashion, dreams, and her Caribbean roots.

M: My name is Moana Luu, I am Chief Content and Creative Officer for Essence magazine.
P: You look great, tell us about what you’re wearing
M: I’m wearing today House of CB pants, The cowries, my necklace is actually from Senegal I’m an Island girl so I always feel we have to add a Caribbean twist.
P: What island are you from?
M: I’m from Martinique.
P: How long have you been with Essence?
M:I just started with Essence four months ago. It is a dream story, when you are on an island and go on to lead a magazine like Essence. It’s an amazing platform.
P: How would you describe your role there?
M: I’m there to bring the global perspective of what is Afro to bring Africa, to bring the Caribbean, to bring everything that makes us special.
P: What is your message to the youth of the diaspora who aspire to dreams like yours?
M: Look at me I’m from Martinique, 400.000 people live on my island. I’m now leading one of the biggest African American magazines in the U.S. So dreams are coming true.