“Patrice Roberts Heads To SXSW Showcase Soca”

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Soca songstress Patrice Roberts is heading to South By South West (SXSW); one of the largest music festivals in the United States of America. As Roberts and her team prepare for her SXSW debut in Austin, Texas, it is their ultimate goal to introduce Soca music to those who may be unfamiliar. The yearly SXSW Music Festival brings together thousands of artists, music lovers and industry professionals from around the world.
The opportunity to showcase at a festival of this magnitude is quiteexciting for Patrice. “With all the success that I have achieved and attention that I have been receiving, this type of opportunity is foreign for me,” she shares. When Patrice and her team pitched for showcase consideration, they hoped for the best and ambitiously blocked the festival dates on her calendar immediately after submitting the application. In February, SXSW’s extended an official invitation for Patrice to showcase. “We literally did not know anyone to assist us or call in a favor on our behalf,” she added. Her achievements and catalog were shared and updated throughout the interactions with SXSW.
Though there was no doubt about Patrice being a perfect candidate to showcase at SXSW there was a level of concern. The discussion about whether or not the selecting panel would gravitate towards the uniqueness of Soca music was had. Their nod of approval for Patrice and her team is an indication of Soca music’s acceptance and inroads that the genre is making globally.Showcases of this nature require the talents to fund their travel and all costs associated with showcasing. Patrice and her team have received support from Telecommunications giant Digicel, The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and The Arts, The Soca Source and Audiomack for their visit to Austin, Texas. Patrice will also be accompanied by live musicians from Trinidad and Tobago and promises a showcase that encompasses a mixture of old and new songs.
On March 16 th 2022, Patrice will showcase at Flamingo Cantina; a venue that is considered a favourite. The venue is known for featuring live world beat, reggae, ska and latin music among others.