PLY Inspiration for Fall/Winter 2016

Clothing Fashion & Style

This season we were inspired by Diana Vreeland, Editor in Chief of Harper’s Bazaar. The way she took what you/we/Industry considered flaws and made it your greatest asset. We worked with slightly flared shapes to call attention to your hips, and the curves of our women.


Ruffled necklines and sleeves with ruffle treatments going up and down leading your eyes up then down. Opened up sleeve seams so that arms that you sometimes want to hide becomes the focal point. All in timeless elegant silhouettes. In a color palette that will stand the test of
time. Black. Navy. Camel. White and Fuchsia (our Breast Cancer Color this season). Classic with a twist. That is PLY.  What is most important this season was we want to celebrate you. So we used a Y shape in several of our designs, with a Yoke seam in a V and a center front seam. It narrows and widens all at the same time and leads the eyes to these beautiful lines.


Just like you, the PLY woman!