Romain Virgo and His Wife Launch a New YouTube Channel

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It’s exciting news for the internet! Award-winning singer Romain Virgo and his wife, Elizabeth, launch a new YouTube channel and have even dropped their first video. The video titled ‘We’ve Started Our YouTube Channel’ was well received by the public with over 1,600 subscribers and a whopping 5,000 views within the first hour of uploading the video onto the channel.

Romain and Elizabeth’s New YouTube Channel — The Virgos

Source: Instagram

The couple first hinted about their new channel when Elizabeth uploaded a short snippet of their first video, telling her followers that they were officially launching their first YouTube channel together. She captioned the post, ‘will enjoy to the max!!! #TheVirgos,’.

Based on how people reacted to news of the YouTube channel, they were ready to dive into the world of The Virgos. The couple was grateful that the public received their new YouTube channel with open arms, the same way they received massive support during their engagement, wedding, and childbirth.

Romain and Elizabeth explained that they were encouraged to start a new channel to “show you more of our fun side.” They mentioned in the description for the video, “Starting this channel was definitely harder than we thought. We can’t believe this video that should have taken us one minute, took over one hour to complete. Nevertheless, we are super happy to finally be here, and we hope you will enjoy.”

Their 5-minute long video on the channel is quite hilarious and left fans doubled over laughing over four minutes of funny bloopers, sing-alongs, and shared jokes. Many viewers commended the couple on sharing their lives with their fans and allowing the internet to be a part of their lives.

They also loved Elizabeth not only because she was married to Romain, but with the broader peek into her personality, and what she’s really like, they couldn’t help but fall in love with her even more. “I love Romain for his music, but now Liz for her personality makes me love The Virgos, even more.. this is gonna be interesting, and I’m here for it,” one fan said.

Romain, His Music and Family Life

Source: Instagram

Romain Virgo, the Reggae musician from Jamaica, rose to fame after winning the top prize in the television choir contest All Together Sing in 2006, then went on to win the Digicel Rising Stars competition in 2007. Since then, the 30-year-old musician has worked with Donovan Germain and other Jamaican producers to make hits like Mi Caan Sleep, Wanna Go Home, and Live Mi Life.

In September 2011, Romain made history as the first Jamaican artist to perform at the Academy of Country Music Awards, held in Nashville, Tennessee. Romain’s version of the veteran country stars THE GATLIN BROTHERS’ 1979 hit, All The Gold In California was featured on VP Records’ Reggae’s Gone Country, with Larry Gatlin singing back up. His performance of California alongside the Gatlins brought Romain a standing ovation and ensured the Reggae musician got a boost in the number of his Nashville fans.

Source: Instagram

Romain tied the knot with Elizabeth in 2018. They had a solemn ceremony that made everyone fall in love with the couple as pictures from their simple wedding graced social media. The Reggae crooner, Romain Virgo, and his wife Elizabeth announced the birth of twins on January 24, 2020. The singer shared the baby news and a beautiful photo of himself and wife Elizabeth on Instagram soon after the delivery.

He also posted a picture of two pairs of feet on his Instagram page with the caption,  “There’s no greater gift that anyone could give on this my 30th birthday to make me this happy. Thank you @itse_lizabeth, for making it look so easy. We should go again soon. Thank you God for doubling our blessings.”

Romain juggles his music career and his fairly new family like a pro. He made an honest and touching post on Instagram in which he talked about what it meant to be the father of two baby girls and how it is changing him.

“Becoming a father was always a part of my dream. As I got older, I realized it’s more than just the title, but being able to actually play the true role of a father is what really matters. All I want to do is give my children the opportunities that I never had. They should always feel a sense of security, both physically and emotionally. Thank you @itse_lizabeth for this beautiful family and for your support each day,” he said.


This latest addition to the Romain Virgo family life is sweet and just the fun we need as we start to wrap up the year. Despite the year’s challenges, 2020 has been a fantastic year for The Virgos, and we are eager to join in the entertainment and laughter, their YouTube channel will surely bring!