Selfcare isn’t Selfish. Here’s Why.

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The everyday women,entrepreneurs and young professionals are putting selfcare to the forefront of their lives….and rightly so.

Women are realizing that taking care of themselves means that they show up as their best selves, ready to conquer the world. Gone are the days when we ladies left ourselves for last, we’re making sure our mind, body and souls are healthy, making us ready for anything life happens to throw our way.

We women know all too well how important it is to manage stress and anxiety therefore taking that time can make us feel much more energized. Given what’s happening in the world today, taking that moment to ‘woo sah’ can truly make a huge difference. 

So what if some people think we’re being ‘superficial’? 

They have no idea what we deal with on a daily basis, between work and trying to live ‘the good life’.  Showing and giving yourself some needed attention isn’t selfish at all. It’s a rewarding experience for putting in those countless hours being everyone else’s support system.

Personally, I’m pretty big on selfcare, not just because I’m a Certified Aesthetician, but because as a mother and businesswoman I understand that  juggling everything can be hard work!  Everyone deserves some me- time and in my line of work I see a lot of clients being overwhelmed with their daily living and feeling fustrated about not having enough time for themselves. It makes me sad really…..because there is nothing better than the feeling of being relaxed and refreshed. You can literally do anything because you’re at your absolute best! You don’t feel like you’re dragging yourself through your ‘to do’ list but instead you’ll be power walking through those tasks and having people wonder how in the hell you do what you do. 

I mean, it’s really no secret; Selfcare helps you get back in tune with your authentic self.

We do so  much in our daily routine that we lose that inner connection to know ourselves better which can have disastrous effects on our lives and relationships with others…..we can’t have that now can we? Absolutely not!!

Avril Cayenne w/ patient

So here are a few tips to help you stay radiant, beautiful and stress free:

Schedule a Date Night with your Girlfriends

Grab a bottle of wine and call your besties to talk about anything that makes you laugh out loud, or arrange to meet at your favorite coffee shop, restaurant or anywhere that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Put that phone away and enjoy each other’s company. You’d be amazed at how much better you’d feel. 

Take a Trip

How about a mini vacation or a staycation where you rent a hotel room or guest house for a weekend? You need a change in scenery from time to time to help you reset and recharge. No phones, tablets or laptops on this trip, we don’t need those kinds of distractions….and where possible, try to take this trip on your own. I know you love your babe and your babies but sometimes going it alone can give you the peace you need to really focus on you.

Get Out in Nature 

Fresh air works wonders hun.Taking a walk, going for a drive or even hiking (if you’re into that) can definitely help. Feeling that oneness with nature by having a picinic on the greens or  the beach is sometimes just the thing you need.  Just imagine listening  to the waves, watching the water while soaking up some sun…… sounds like heaven to me.

Do a Mini Photo Shoot 

Why not treat yourself like the celebrity you are? Put on some make up, and your best outfits and vogue! (Do people still vogue?)…anyways start celebrating your life and the challenges that you have overcome to reach where you are at this moment in your life. Creating memorable images to last you a lifetime and feel worthy in your happy space.

Have Spa Day

Give yourself a relaxing pedicure and put on one of your favorite masks whether you bought it in a store or made it in your kitchen. Embrace that me- time feeling or take it up a notch and book a one on one with a professional. They know exactly what you need to have you looking your best while melting that stress away. 

Soooo, which ones are you going to do first? 

Remember as a woman you cannot serve from an empty vessel so make yourself a priority and take care of yourself.